This section describes various parts for LivingStar Bidet Parts for 5300 5700 7700. You can easily navigate this page to find the part you need.

Water Filter

This water filter applies to LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700.  The package comes with 4 water cartridges. Each cartridge may last for about 6 months, depending on the frequency of bidet seat use.  The water filter helps to reduce or removes any impurities in the water.

Water Filter Installation Kit

The water filter installation kit applies for LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700.  The kit comes with 2 types of nipple caps, a cartridge of water filter, and the water hose.

Bidet Seat Connectors and Aroma Insert

You may find all necessary connectors (1 Nipple Cap, 2 Nipple Cap, Bidet Fitting, Drain Plug) and Aroma Insert.   The Aroma Insert is for LivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet Seat only.  If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

Bidet Seat

The bidet seat for LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700 models.  Please note that there are two variations: Elongated or Round.  Choose the right variation from the drop-down menu.

Bidet Lid

Bidet Lid for LivingStar LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700 models. Please choose the right variation of your existing bidet.

Installation Kit

The installation kit is applicable to LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700 models.  It comes with a complete installation kit. It doesn’t contain a water filter, aroma insert, and Fixing Plate.  The kit contains the below parts. 

Nipple 1 Cap, Nipple 2 Cap
3/8” T-Valve with packing
1/2” Conversion nut
Tubing Hose
Flexible Hose with packing
Fixing Rubber (2)
Washers with fixing bolts(2 sets)



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