Choosing the right bidet seat

Choosing the right bidet seat

Choosing the right bidet seat is one of the important steps for your decision to buy a bidet seat. There are several considerations:  shape, size, electricity, and power cable to the bidet unit.

Check water opening valve

Choosing the right bidet seat

The water opening connecting nut is 3/8” as the default. However, in some old houses, there are ½”.   Therefore, check with the installation guide of bidet seat for provision of a conversion nut that allows connecting a ½”.

Water pressure

Sometimes a low water pressure becomes a source of an issue for instant heating (a tank-less) bidet seats.  Since it requires immediate water flow into the unit.   Without a proper water supply, the unit will not function. Therefore,  we recommend checking the water pressure.    If you think you cannot fix the issue, you may want to consider using tank type bidet seat.  A tank-type bidet seat will save water in the tank and use it as needed.   However, it will work for the first run for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  On the second run, you will have to wait for the tank filled with water.

Shapes of the toilet

Some people are not familiar with the shape of toilet seats.  They are either round or elongated in shape. A round shape of toilets is found in old houses and apartments.  Today, most places use an elongated shape.   A round shape toilet is pretty close to a round shape, but not a perfect round.  This is where people got confused and often ordering the wrong shape.     Compare the shape of the round and elongated variation as below.

Choosing the right bidet seat


There is also another variation of toilets available in the market.  It is called a French toilet.  Most of the time,  a French toilet, a square shape will not fit with a bidet seat.  If you really need the bidet seat,  on the toilet with a French toilet, then you will have to sacrifice a nice fit with the toilet and the seat.   Find the closest size matching the toilet.  However, there is a possibility of developing cracks in the seat due to the mismatch of the size.

Wattage availability in the restroom

Most of the residential places are ready to use a bidet seat.  However, sometimes available electrical capacity or wattage becomes an issue.  A bidet seat consumes between 700 Watts to 1200 Watts.  This means you will need an additional wattage in order to use a bidet seat at your restroom.  People become panic when the bidet seat is not functioning.  Once you have this issue, do not panic.  To isolate the issue, you may want to run a separate power cable from another source of power, then connect it to the bidet seat. The best practice is to check and find the total wattage availability in the restroom before installation.

A water filter may be a necessity

Water contains excessive calcium and magnesium, called hard water is found in many states.  Here is the list of states identified by the US Geological Survey:

Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

The hard water sometimes makes unexpected malfunctioning to electrical products such as air purifier. It not only gives an issue to the electrical products but also harmful to humans.   The bidet seat is a mechanical and electrical product.  Therefore, it needs also purified water for long use.  Having an external water filter could be a consideration for choosing the right bidet seat for you.

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