Essential needs for a mom and her baby

Mom and Baby Essentials are listed in this section. LivingStar offers a collection of products for a mom and her baby. A baby bottle UV sterilizer becomes a necessary item for many moms.

  • LivingStar provides the AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer, a robust and reliable UV Sterilizer, loved by many moms for simple, easy, and fast operation.
  • Breast milk feeding brings multiple benefits to both the mom and the baby. Thanks Baby is a high-quality breastmilk bag that uses FDA-compliant material for the safety of baby and mom.
  • A mom may need a nail polish set and an eye cream applicator.  We have a nail polish kit that comes with either 4 bright colors or 4 dark colors with a lamp for drying soft gel.  The eye cream applicator is made of Titanium head, a highly precious material from nature.  Here is brief summary of each of mom’s essentials.

AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer

Mom and baby essentials*

A baby bottle sterilizer that is robust and reliable that a mom can use for at least several years for her baby.  Mom can use it for sanitizing baby toys as the baby gets bigger and plays with toys.  Also, she can sanitize her own accessories such as cosmetic tools, jars, and other daily goods.  Below are the feature and benefits of the sterilizer.

  • The fastest UV Sterilizer in the market today as compared to the size (available space 1060 cubic inches)
  • Completion of sterilizing and drying in 20 minutes with a press a button operation
  • Uses triple effect technology: UVC 257.3 nanometer wavelength, IR (far infrared), combined with hexagonal mirroring structure for effective delivery of UV and IR rays to target objects
  • Removable trays help to put multiple items in the unit.
  • Durable and last long
  • Audio guided operation (beginning and ending with audio messaging)
  • Fresh air circulation, without needing an air filter
  • Safe window glass
  • 6,000 hours of UV Lamp operation

A baby bottle sterilizer is definitely for mom and baby essentials in today’s living environment.

Thanks Baby Breast Milk Bag

Mom and baby essentials

Breastfeeding brings multiple benefits for both the baby and mom.

  • Fewer ear, respiratory, and urinary tract infections
  • Fewer hospital visits for the baby
  • Reduction of breast cancer

Benefits of Thanks Baby Breastmilk bag

  • 100% leak-free with securely sealed double zipper bag:
  • Designed with durable and high-quality material: (FDA compliant material)
  • BPA free: No lead and Bisphenol
  • Self-standing for easy storage:
  • Thermal, volume Indicators
  • Date tracking

ClerianTouch – Eye cream applicator and massager 

Mom and baby essentials

Titanium contains highly beneficial properties for humans. It provides anti-corrosion, an anti-allergic reaction for sensitive skin, and retains temperature for longer than other materials.

  • Titanium Head: Made of 99.5% Pure Titanium that has multiple benefits: anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant, helps to circulate blood
  • Ergonomically designed: Easy grip and perfect head size for eye cream applicator
  • Temperature retention ability: Allows to pre-refrigerated it with reasonable temperature before use
  • Lightweight

One step gel Polish Kit 

Mom and baby essentials

  • Excellent bright coloring & curing in instant. One Step Gel doesn’t require a base and top gel
  • A complete nail polish kit for your nail art experiences: 9 color gels (5 ml each) and others (32 items in the package)
  • Last long: 3 to 4 weeks. It is remarkably different from other gel brands in that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks
  • Scratch proof and look natural. IO Gel is highly resistive from scratches and looks natural
  • Patented UV LED lamp is convenient to use. 30 sec curing with one click, 60 sec curing with a double click. Soak off clip allows browsing your phone while waiting for thanks to its patented design


LivingStar continues to bring beneficial products for humans.  We focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and high-quality products.