Clerian Beauty provides affordable beauty products: a soft gel, and eye cream applicator,

eye cream applicator tool
Eye cream applicator tool
  • Titanium Head: Made of 99.5% Pure Titanium that has multiple benefits: anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant, helps to circulate blood
  • Ergonomically designed: Easy grip and perfect head size for eye cream applicator
  • Temperature retention ability: Allows to pre-refrigerated it with reasonable temperature before use
  • Lightweight
  • Please check the dimension of the product before placing an order; it is measured by 3.74 x 0.43 inches.
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Sale! One Step Polish Kit
One Step Polish Kit

One Step Polish Kit

Last long and natural

IO Gel One Step Polish Kit is one of the soft nail gel polishes, but it is the closest to the natural human nail in terms of its structure and composition. It lasts longer and looks more natural than other nail gels.

Bright Complexion, stays longer, easy to soak off

IO Gel protects your nail healthily, keeps stronger than other hard gel nails, stays for a bright complexion, and makes it easy for soaking off. It is remarkably different from other gel brands in that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks without applying bonder or primer in order to avoid peeling off. It doesn’t use any etching, bonder, or primer. However, it has excellent persistence. You can remove the gel easily leaving no damages to nails.

The unique approach

It has been developed using a unique science, unparalleled by any other gel nail brand in the marketplace today. Our state-of-the-art technology is based on ‘van der Waal’s Forces theory. How it can be bonded to a nail stronger and longer than other gels without any etching & gluing? The magic is from our IO Gel science.
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