LivingStar food storage containers for fridge
Food storage containers for fridge
  • LivingStar Refrigerator Food Container Set for family consists of 3 sizes of container sets (10 units in the package)
  • 10.14 Oz (4 units), 25 Oz (4 units), 54 Oz (2 units)
  • Patent-pending technology helps to prevent from leaking; makes it easy to travel around with the liquid type of food in the container without worrying about the leakage
  • Please NOT to put them into the microwave.
  • One can easily stack them up together in the fridge. Complies with US FDA regulations; Winner of iF Design Award 2020
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Living Star Home Improvement
Food Waste Composting Countertop
  • Odor-Free, Efficient and Comfortable Food Waste Solution
  • A compact double bucket system with handle
  • Easy to store food and completely washable buckets
  • The inner bucket makes it easy to handle food waste; Easy to lift the inner bucket with a built-in handle
  • Dimension & weight before placing an order: 6.1(W)x7.1(D)x7(H), 1.12LBS. 2.6L. Made of Polypropylene (PP) material
  • Made in S. Korea
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Kitchen Sink Organizer LivingStar
Washable Kitchen Sink Organizer
  • A compact unit for holding kitchen sink items: brush, sponge, shampoo
  • Easy to organize bathroom necessity items. The unit is measured by 8.11Wx4.3Dx5.23H inches, 0.9 LBS.
  • Multi-purpose - it can be also used for organizing bathroom items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, small bathroom items next to the sink
  • Dimension & Weight: 8.11Wx4.3Dx5.23H inches , 0.9 LBS.
  • Please check the style, dimension, and color of the unit before placing an order.
  • Made in S. Korea
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