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Sale! litem food waste composting countertop
litem food waste composting countertop
  • Odor-Free, Efficient and Comfortable Food Waste Solution
  • A compact double bucket system with a handle
  • Easy to store food and completely washable buckets
  • An inner bucket makes it easy to handle food waste; Easy to lift the inner bucket with a built-in handle
  • Please check the dimension and weight before placing an order.  5.7(L) x 7.13(W) x 7.09(H),  1.2 LBS
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Innovative material solid heatflex
Innovative Material Solid HeatFlex

Benefits of Solid HeatFlex

. Robust and continuous supply of electrical energy for heating

  (The system still works with a portion of the broken circuit)

. Uniform heat distribution to the target application

  (Heat distribution is equal in any surface or angle)

. Highly resistive to pressure or any external forces

 . Faster heat-up time as compared to other materials

. Lightweight and flexible

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Sale! LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated
Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat (Elongated)

Enhanced Personal Hygiene Via Instant Heating, Tankless, Energy Saving LivingStar 7500 brings you a Fresh & Clean Morning Experience!

Sale 25% off 

Multiple Benefits

Energy Saving with Instant Heating and Enhance Personal Hygiene without needing a water tank, No tank means No molds or bacteria likely developed in the tank  Automated Oscillation Wash and Multi-Adjustable for Water Pressure(5 levels), Water Temperature(4 levels), Seat Temperature(4 levels), Air Dryer(5 levels), Nozzle Position(5 positions).  Various Washing Modes: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation (a massage function) Enhanced Hygiene Via Advanced Nozzle Technology: Stainless Steel, 1 pocket 3 holes exclusive use for posterior, bidet, turbo wash, replaceable nozzle cap, nozzle cleansing by automated or manual Heated Seat, Nightlight, Soft Closing, 100% Waterproof keyboard with SmartTouch Energy Saving Mode: Consumes ONLY 1.4 Watts
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