Aian Hand Sterilizer


  • Uses a 3rd-party made Alcohol type disinfectants (volume capacity: 1.2L)
  • An automatic operation sensor to detect for hand placed in the unit for dispensing of disinfectant operation
  • Indicators: Replenishment Alert, Power On, Operating
  • Wall mounted, 120V (20W), measured by 9.44(W)*6.49(D)*15.15(H) inches, unit weight: 6.39 Pounds
  • Sprays 0.5 ~ 1 CC / Second
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Aian Hand Sterilizer

Aian Hand Sterilizer is an automatic sanitizer dispensing system that uses a 3rd-party alcohol to sterilize hands.  With a hand sensor makes possible to initiate dispensing the content of the device.

  • Convenient use and secure from bacteria & viruses

It is convenient to use since you do not need to squeeze or push a button to extract disinfectant.  Aian Hand Sterilizer will automatically sprays disinfectant.

  • LED Indicators

It has 3 LED indicators for displaying status of the machine.  The power indicator is on when the unit is plugged in to an external power source.  Likewise, the operation LED turns on when the system detects hands in the unit.  The replenishment LED lights on when it needs replenishment of disinfectant.

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