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Aroma Mask Patch 8 Counts


  • Fill your air within your mask with an aromatic scent and make it fresh.
  • Made of natural aroma ingredients with a patch type
  • Convenient and easy to apply the patch inside of the mask
  • The mint scent of a patch will last 6 hours long
  • Odorless, clear or light-colored film, safe to use
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Aroma Mask Patch 8 Counts

Aroma Mask Patch 8 Counts has been specifically designed and developed for removing bad smell inside of your mask.   You can conveniently apply the patch inside of the mask and replace the patch after 6 hours of use OR once the scent is evaporated.   Normally, the freshness will remain for 6 hours. A pouch contains 8 patches.  It is well known that Aroma has been used in various applications for a pleasant smell at home and therapy since ancient Egypt. It generates not only a fresh scent but also has other therapeutic functions for mental, spiritual, and physical healing.



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