Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles


  • Highly Adjustable: 13 Adjustable angles for maximizing your convenience while reading, writing, and browsing
  • Easy & Simple to use with built-in strong structure
  • Highly convenient: Easily to put a book, notebook, or tablet onto the stand with patented spring coil to hold tight with thick book pages
  • Reading & Writing on the stand with patented adjustable arm and non-slip stopper
  • Made of strong and eco-friendly MDF; No Assembly required
  • Made in S. Korea

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Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles – Convenient, Simple, Sturdy with13 Adjustable Angles, Non-Slip, Foldable, Handmade Thick Book Holder (Bookstand, Cookbook, Tablet, Notebook Stand). 

Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles

Foldable Bookstand 13 Adjustable Angles

Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles from LivingStar provides for your convenience with a patented strong structure.  Moreover, It can hold a thick book, cookbook, tablet, or even a notebook. It has 13 adjustable angels, fully foldable, easy, and simple to use.  Therefore, it allows an excellent ergonomic working environment. Also, thanks to the strong non-slippery structure, you can use it to hold think books, and even a notebook onto the unit.

Bookstand non slippery leg structure

Eco-friendly material

Furthermore, the Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles use eco-friendly MDF material.  MDF is traditionally made of wood fibers and that is the most eco-friendly material; therefore, it easily goes back to nature without creating environmental issues.

You don’t need to assemble the unit

Since the bookstand reader is fully assembled, you can immediately start using the unit without needing an assembly effort.

You have choices of two sizes:  Medium or Large

Depending on your need, you can choose from two different sizes.  Sometimes size matters for carrying around between work and home; therefore, we have two different sizes available.   Check below for the different sizes of the product.

Medium Size:   Dimension & Weight  13.6 x 9.1 x 1.65 inches (1.6 LBS)

Foldable book stand13.23x9.13

Large Size:  Dimension & Weight: 16.02×11.02x.1.65 (2.05 LBS)

Non-slippery leg with 13 steps of angle adjustment

Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles

Most of the bookstands today have an issue with holding a thick book. Besides that, they are slippery, not easy to hold the book. To solve these issues, LivingStar has adapted non-slippery and holding a thick book.   It uses a patented structural mechanism to prevent slippery when it holds thick books, cookbooks, moreover, a notebook or tablet PC.  It allows adjusting 13 steps of angle for your convenience.

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