Heating pad for new moms


Heating pad for new moms | CalorBuddy

CalorBuddy is the perfect heating pad for new moms since it is: 

  • Lightweight
  • Small footprint
  • Flexible
  • Durable and pressure-free
  • Variable temperature control
  • Easy to apply to your body
  • Energy efficient

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Heating pad for new moms | CalorBuddy

Heating pad for new moms - Calorbuddy Logo

A pad heating pad for new moms by CalorBudd helps to ease muscle pains in the body. After the birth of the baby, many moms may suffer from muscle pains in certain areas of the body.  The old method for easing the pain could be heat and cold, which has been proven to be working throughout the centuries.  Applying moderate heat to the painful area helps faster blood circulation, thus, the heat mitigates or releases pain.

Heating pad for new moms - CalorBuddy


What is CalorBuddy™ and how does it help new moms ease muscle pains?

CalorBudd is made of Solid HeatFlex™, a new material technology, which is a flexible material that is pressure-free, fire-resistive, and energy-efficient, Most of the other heating pads in the market are made of chrome wire, which is vulnerable to pressure. You may experience a heating pad power is off during the night.  this is due to the built-in over-heating protection in the temperature controller of the pad.  Most conventional heating pads are not only prone to overheating but also they are vulnerable to pressure. The unit shuts off at any time while you are using the pad that is made of chrome wires.

CalorBuddy made of Solid HeatFlex™, a pressure-free material technology

The heating pad for new moms needs high-quality, reliable, and continuous heat provided through the pad.  Thanks to the flexible and durable material being used, CalorBuddy stays working through the night.  While you are sleeping, you may toss around and unintentionally pressure the pad. However, it will still work over the night without any discontinuation of the heat. Also, the built-in controller ensures prevents any overheating.  You can set the desired temperature and apply the heating pad to the sore area, however, we recommend setting the temperature at the minimum over the night and setting the timer.

Heating pad for new moms

The Solid HeatFlex provides even heat distribution at the pad

Thanks to the new material technology, the heat is being equally distributed at the pad, which allows a better way of saving energy. The Solid HeatFlex uses an external battery with a USB input port available.   Typically, a battery with 60 Watts (12000 mA x 5V) will last over the night with continuous heating.

The Solid HeatFlex is a durable material technology

The heating pad for new moms needs a product that is durable since they may have to use it continuously for many hours without discontinuation of the heat. The pad will be working even if a hole or multiple holes are developed as it is used over a long time, as long as the holes are blocked for the prevention of electrical leaks.

Target treatment

Since the heating pad is flexible enough, you may apply it to any part of your body. You may not need a bulky heating pad to apply heat to the joints of the arms or legs. Furthermore, the bulky ones are hard to make staying in your body. Thanks to the small footprint, lightweight, and high adaptability to your body, CalorBuddy, you can easily apply to your body for heating.  Our product release schedule will include an adhesive material that can make the heating pad stay on your body.  Also, the USB cable allows reaching most parts of your body.

Other applications for Solid HeatFlex

Although the heating pad is small and light, it radiates enough heat during the night for staying warm.  An 18.3 Celsius or  65 Fahrenheit is a good temperature for sleeping at night. The low-temperature setting of the heating pad offers you the temperature you will need for sleeping at night. You may use the heating pad while you are outside during cold wintertime. You can put it into your jacket or under your cloth and connect the heating pad with an external battery that will supply comfortable heat while you are staying outside.

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