Innovative Material Solid HeatFlex


Benefits of Solid HeatFlex

. Robust and continuous supply of electrical energy for heating

  (The system still works with a portion of the broken circuit)

. Uniform heat distribution to the target application

  (Heat distribution is equal in any surface or angle)

. Highly resistive to pressure or any external forces

 . Faster heat-up time as compared to other materials

. Lightweight and flexible

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What is Innovative Material Solid HeatFlex and how it helps existing issues with other material technology?

Solid HeatFlex is an innovation resolving most of the issues with the existing material technologies available in the market today. Solid HeatFlex is made of flexible material that is pressure-free, fire-resistive, and energy-efficient, Most of the other heat tracing or trace heating materials are having issues with pressure, overheating, and energy use.  For instance, a cover to protect from cold, made of chrome wire has an issue with pressure or broken wire, which causes the cover to stop working.

Innovative Material Solid HeatFlex


Innovative Material Solid HeatFlex is a pressure-free technology

The Solid HeatFlex is high-quality, reliable, and continuous heat provided through its circuit.  Thanks to its flexible and durable material being used, any applications such as a pad, cloth, cover, seat, and etc.., stays working without interruption even if any external pressure applies to the object or a portion of the object is broken.

The Solid HeatFlex provides even heat distribution at the application target

Thanks to the new material technology, the heat is being equally distributed at the object made of Solid HeatFlex, which allows a better way of saving energy. The Solid HeatFlex uses an external battery or any other electrical power source.

The Solid HeatFlex is durable

The application using the heated seat, cover, cloth, or pad is durable since it may have to use it continuously. The application will be working even if a hole or multiple holes are developed as it is used over a long time, as long as the holes are blocked for the prevention of electrical leaks.

Fast heating up

The material technology enables an application object for fast heating uptime.   To heat up a target application object, it takes less than 40 seconds to reach its maximum heat temperature that was preset.



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