LivingStar Bidet LS-5300


SHAPE AVAILABILITY : Round or Elongated
Brings you with cozy and fresh bidet experiences via Micro-air infused warm water with multi-adjustable controls: water, seat, temp & various washing modes.

  • Various cleansing modes available with continuous warm water: Turbo(enema), Posterior, Feminine, Oscillation(Moves for widen cleaning area) with micro-air-bubble technology that gives fine & smooth washing experience
  • Personalization: Warm water temp(4 levels), Warm air dryer (8 levels), Water pressure(8 levels), Heated seat (4 levels)
  • High Value: Self cleansing & anti-bacteria nozzle, anti-freezing, anti-slam Lid, Energy Saving Mode. Comes with a water filter
  • Convenience: 1 nozzle with 5 holes for posterior (1 hole) & feminine (4 holes) wash. Smart seat sensor & heat sensor built in; AUTO/KID’S mode allows automated washing process for your convenience
  • Constant use of hot water without temperature difference. CE, FCC, RoHS, CQC, CU, Water Mark certified

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LivingStar Bidet LS-5300 Seat is an affordable bidet solution

LivingStar Bidet LS-5300 seat is a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, Affordable, and Convenient bidet solution with various options ready for your preferences.

  • Highly Comfortable

LivingStar 5300 Bidet Seat brings you with highly comfortable experiences since the micro-air-bubble technology makes continuously to generate fine and smooth water bubbles without temperature difference; furthermore, it provides multiple cleansing modes:  Turbo (Enema), Posterior, Feminine Wash, and Move.

  • Flexible Adjustments

LivingStar Bidet LS-5300 is flexible since it has multi-level controls: 4 levels of Water & Seat temperature, 8 levels of Air temp, and Water pressure with 4 nozzle adjustable positions.

  • Nozzle Technology

LivingStar 5300 is a single nozzle system; however, an entire family can use the unit since it has 2 holes for the exclusive use of posterior or feminine wash. The nozzle is made of anti-bacterial material; therefore, it helps to long use of the nozzle and system.

  • Water Filter

It comes with a water filter helping to protect the user and unit for long-lasting use.

  • Self or Manual Nozzle Cleansing

Self-cleansing or manual cleaning of the nozzle makes it easy to keep the nozzle cleaned.

  • Anti-freezing system & air pump technology

It is highly beneficial since it has a built-in Anti-freeze Protection System that prevents the bidet from freezing in cold temperature; furthermore, the proprietary air pump technology allows a high-pressure wash even in low water pressure places.

  • Sensors and Detachment Button

The system has built-in sensors for the detection of overheat and seat occupied, which makes convenience and safe.   Cleansing of the entire bidet is easy and simple since pressing the Detachment Button releases the entire unit for cleansing.

  • Energy Saving modes & Air pump technology

Energy Saving mode allows saving electricity by lowering water and seat temperature.  In addition to that, the proprietary air pump technology allows a high-pressure wash even in low water pressure places.

  • Automated Programmed Keys

The unit is for an entire family since it has unique automated features for helping kid’s hygiene while providing convenience.

  1. AUTO/KID:  By pressing once, a KID function shall be initiated for 1 min washing, 3 min drying with lowered air temp and water pressure.
  2. AUTO/KID:  AUTO function gives 80 sec of washing and 3 min of drying followed by the previous settings of water & air temp and air pressure.
  3. ENERGY SAVE:  Once this key is pressed, it goes into an energy-saving mode that lowers the water and seat temperature for saving energy.

Please check with your toilet bowl vs. Livingstar shape variation (Round or Elongated) before placing an order.

Click here for further details of LivingStar 7700, please check with the installation manual and video. 

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