LivingStar 5700 Bidet Seat

$349.99 $299.99

SHAPE AVAILABILITY: Round or Elongated

LivingStar 5700 bidet seat brings you with fresh & cozy experiences with dual keyboards: warm water, air, water pressure, seat temp, various washing modes, continuous heating, KID’s & AUTO modes, water filter

  • Convenience: Dual control via Remote & Main control panel. 1 nozzle with 2 holes for exclusive use of posterior or feminine wash (Adjustable by 5 positions), Smart seat sensor & heat sensor built in. Remote Control is measured by 6.5(L)*2.7(W)*0.5(H) inches.
  • Multi-functional: Single stainless nozzle with self cleansing, anti-freezing, anti-slam Lid. Comes with a water filter cartridge.
  • Multi- cleansing modes: Available with continuous warm water: TURBO(enema), Massage(water sprays up & down), Move(nozzle moves repeatedly back & forth; pulsation) with micro-air-bubble technology that gives fine & smooth washing experience.
  • Automated KID’s mode: Allows automated washing process for kids (60 sec cleansing and 180 sec drying).
  • Highly adjustable: Warm water temp(4 levels), Warm air dryer (5 levels), Water pressure(5 levels), Heated seat (4 levels).
  • CE, FCC, RoH, CQC, CU, Water Mark certified.  Made in Korea

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LivingStar 5700 is a complete bidet toilet seat solution for you

LivingStar 5700 bidet toilet seat comes with a Remote and Side Panel Keyboard for your convenience. Great controls of your preferred water temp(4), seat temp (4), air temp (5), water pressure (5), and 5 nozzle positions via the Remote.

  • Micro-air-bubble technology and various cleansing modes

LivingStar One bidet, an affordable bidet toilet seat brings you with a soft and smooth washing experience since it generates micro-air-bubble in the warm water; furthermore, it provides multiple cleansing modes: Massage, Turbo (Enema), Posterior, Feminine Wash, and Move.

  • Water Filter helps to protect you and the unit

It comes with a water filter helping to protect the user and unit for long lasting use.

  • Nozzle Technology and cleansing

An entire family can use the system since it a single nozzle system; however, it has 2 holes for exclusive use of posterior or feminine wash.  The nozzle is made of anti-bacterial material and can be self or manually cleansed. Also, by having a detachment hook makes easy to clean up the entire bidet.

  • Sensors 

The system is automated due to having sensors for detection of overheat and seat occupied.

  • Anti-freezing system & air pump technology

It is highly beneficial since it has built-in Anti-freeze Protection System that prevents the bidet from freezing in cold temperature; furthermore, the proprietary air pump technology allows a high pressure wash even in a low water pressure places.

  • Automated programs via dedicated keys helping for daily use

  1. KID: allows an sequential actions for washing and drying for a kid’s use with lowered water temperature and air pressure.
  2. AUTO:  works with 80 sec of washing and 3 min of drying.

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