Use ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag

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Multipurpose of the breastmilk bag

Use ThanksBaby Breastmilk bag for storing other valuable food products as you need.  ThanksBaby breastmilk bag has been originally designed for storing breast milk.  However, you can put your other valuable items in the bag such as supplementary baby foods, drinks, or medicine.

Use ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag

Valuable features

The double zipper feature allows securely and conveniently locking the bag without worrying about a spill.  Furthermore, the temperature indicator makes it possible to decide w0hether you need to warm up the content of the bag.   The volume indicator is another convenient function to check for the right amount to feed the baby.

Safety of the bag

We understand that the safety of the bag is crucial for you and your baby. The product is made of FDA compliant for food contact and passed the test under FDA 21 CFR Part 175-181.

You can count on Thanksbaby breastmilk bag that has been produced over billions of counts for many mothers around the globe.






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