What is tankless instant heating bidet

What is the tankless instant heating bidet?

There are many types of bidet toilet seats in the market for the provision of warm water sprayer bidets ranging from tank-type, hybrid, or tankless instant heating. The definition of a true tankless bidet seat module is described below.

  • It has to heat up the incoming water instantly and endlessly without temperature deviations.
  • The typical tankless module size is less than 30 cubic inches (below is an example of a true tankless instant heating module for a bidet seat, measured by 112 (L) x  60.5 (W) x 67.5 (H) mm).

tankless instant heating bidet module

  • A tankless instant heating module for a bidet seat uses typically ceramic heating element that generates heat in a small given space requiring high energy efficiency.  (An electrical current will be passed through the ceramic plate, which then generates the heat in a highly efficient manner, then the plate heats up the water immediately. The ceramic heating element offers excellent thermal conductivity since it makes high resistance to the current. It is particularly useful for a tiny small space available such as bidet seats, and hot water dispensers).


  • It must NOT contain any type of water reservoir or tank (below is an example of a hybrid instant heating bidet module, which still carries a tank for water heating, prone to molds or bacteria).

tank type bidet module


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