room air purifier filter
Room Air Purifier Filters
Livingstar room air purifier filter for replacement Living Star offers an easy way to replace the air filter with two options: a 1-micron air filter or a 0.3-micron air filter. A 1-micron air filter comes as default with the unit when you purchase the unit.
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water filter 6 packs for LS 7900 bidet
LivingStar 7900 with water filter packs
Bidet Water Filter Pack for LivingStar 7900 Bidet Seat contains:
  • 7900 Bidet Seat with complete installation kit
  • Cartridges of bidet water filters that you can choose from the options
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Sale! room air purifier
Room Air Purifier | LivingStar
Great value for your room, Unique and Super nice design
  Automatic Air Quality Check by the Sensor  Auto operation allows for ensuring clean air quality automatically before you are in the room Saving $:  Consumes less than 2.5KW ($1) monthly for 24 hours a day use. Flexible Choices for Air Filter:  You can choose to use a 1, 0.3, or 0.1-micron air filter depending on your needs.  
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