room air purifier filter
Room Air Purifier Filters
Replacing the Living Star room air purifier filter
  • You can easily replace the air filter on the Living Star Room Air Purifier.
  • Choose either a 1-micron air filter or a 0.3-micron air filter.
  • A 1-micron air filter comes as default with the package.
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water filter 6 packs for LS 7900 bidet
LivingStar 7900 with water filter packs
Bidet Water Filter Pack for LivingStar 7900 Bidet Seat contains:
  • 7900 Bidet Seat with complete installation kit
  • Cartridges of bidet water filters that you can choose from the options
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Sale! room air purifier
Room Air Purifier | LivingStar

HEPA-Filtration, Compact, Energy Efficient, Powerful Mechanical Fan - Great value for your room, Unique and Superfine design

  • This device uses a fan with HEPA filtration ONLY to purify the air, provided by a mechanical air intake fan system.  
  • Three control modes: Auto mode: The air purifier turns Turbo mode on when air quality becomes poor (The Turbo mode provides the fastest mechanical fan speed). You can manually turn the Auto, Turbo, or Sleep mode on. Use the Turbo mode if you want to expedite purifying the air with fast fan speed. Before sleeping, use the Sleep mode, putting the system in minimum operation (lowest fan speed, close to zero fan noise).
  • mechanical air inflow system: It takes air mechanically from the top, bottom, left, and right using a patented mechanical air inflow system.
  • Energy-savings: It uses less than $0.5 in Turbo mode operation per month (consumes only 2.3 KW).
  • Easy HEPA air filter replacement: You can easily change the HEPA air filter after using 2,000 hours of operation; the system alerts you with 3 LED flashes to replace the HEPA filter. You can also see the filter status through the air filter check window, which lets you inspect the status of the filter. It comes with a 1-micron air filter. 
  • Specifics: Dimensions and weight 10.23(L)x4.92(W)x10.82(H) inches 2.63 pounds; HEPA Air filter dimensions 9.37(L) x1.1(W) x 7.7(H) inch (238 X 28 X 196 mm)
  • FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE Certified; Quiet operation: less than 25dB noise level. Made in Korea.
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