LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat


LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat – A tankless Energy Saving System with Instant Heating, Affordable and High Quality. Multiple benefits offered via multi-adjustable (water pressure, temperature, air, seat temperature), 1 pocket 2 holes stainless nozzle furthers personal hygiene.

  • 2 holes stainless nozzle system for the exclusive use of posterior washing or feminine washing
  • Energy Savings and Enhanced personal hygiene via Instant Heating
  • Multi-adjustable: Water Pressure (3 Levels), Water Temperature (3 Levels), Seat Temperature (3 Levels), Air Dryer Temperature (3 Levels)
  • Automatic Wash and Nozzle Move: The system defaults to perform Automatic Wash and Nozzle Move, a convenient feature for people unfamiliar with a bidet seat
  • Great value for a family

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LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat | Affordable and High Quality

Energy Savings

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat is an affordable and high-quality family bidet toilet seat solution that is designed for optimized features bringing you full satisfaction.  The bidet seat is an Instant Heating System, a tankless system that enhances your personal hygiene and saves energy costs since it doesn’t use a tank to keep warm water.  You may also save more energy by turning on the Energy Save Mode via the keyboard, then the system uses minimum electricity.

Enhanced Hygiene

No tank means No chance of molds and bacteria being developed in the tank; therefore it is more hygienic than the tank type. You can use heated water immediately, continuously, and endlessly without any deviation of water temperature.

Multi-level adjustments

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat provides Multi-level adjustments of water pressure(3 levels), water temperature(3 levels), air dryer(3 levels), seat temperature(3 levels) for your bidet use with micro aerated water bubble technology with the stainless nozzle that brings you soft water and makes you feel comfortable.

Easy settings

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

One can easily set the water pressure, water temperature, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature via the control keyboard.

Stainless Nozzle for the exclusive use of bidet and posterior wash

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

The nozzle has two holes for the exclusive use of posterior wash and bidet wash.  This unique structure provides a better way for enhancing personal hygiene.

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Washing and drying time

The posterior wash and bidet wash last for 90 seconds and the air dryer will be 3 minutes.

Convenient and Necessary Features

Automatic Wash and Nozzle Move for posterior or bidet wash

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

An automatic wash and nozzle move is provided through a system default function for 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is a convenient and useful feature for people who may not familiar with a bidet seat. Also, it offers a comprehensive cleansing effect by automatic back and forth nozzle movement.  This particular default function can be disabled by pressing Wash/Water Pressure key for 2 seconds and by pressing the key again for 2 seconds will set the default function back.

Heated Seat

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat provides 3 levels of temperature for the seat: Low, Medium, High.  The color of the LED light shall indicate the level of the temperature.

Warm Water

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet

The toilet bidet seat enable you to set one of the 3 levels of water temperature: High (Red light), Medium (Green), Low (Off)

Warm Air Dryer

Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet

You can set one of the 3 levels of Warm Air Dryer Temperature: High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green)

Water Pressure

While you are using either the posterior wash or bidet wash, you can set your preferred water pressure to one of the 3 levels: High(Red), Medium(Yellow), Low(Green).

Automated and manual nozzle cleaning

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

Automated and manual nozzle cleaning is achieved by pressing the nozzle cleaning button, then the nozzle will be automatically cleaned. By pressing the nozzle button for 2 seconds, then you can clean up the nozzle manually; the nozzle will be out for 2 minutes.

Additional hygiene via built-in mesh and water filter

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat provides additional personal hygiene that can be achieved by the water filter that goes between the water supply and the bidet seat. Having a water filter helps to use the unit for longer use and also enhances your personal hygiene.  The system comes with a Water filter and built-in water mesh. If you are not using a water filter, please clean up the built-in water mesh of the Living Star Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat.  Check further details on how to clean up water mesh in the manual.

Safety Features

LivingStar 5900 Elongated Bidet Seat embraces safety features such as Anti-burn for the seat, Anti-overheating for the air dryer and the system, Body Sensor.

Dimension and Weight

Product Dimension and weight:  20.27 (L) x 17.40 (W) x 6.29(H), 8.15 LBS

Package Dimension and weight:  22.44 (L) x 19.29 (W) x 8.1(H),  11.24 LBS


ETL Certified (UL Equivalent),  Made in Korea


Please click here to check the installation video. Note that the video for installation applies to LivingStar bidet seat models: 5900, 7500, 7900.

LivingStar tries its best to provide high-quality and affordable solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Is shipment free and how fast can you ship?

Yes, the shipment is free. We ship your order within 24 hours. When we receive your order before 3 PM PST, we ship your order on the date we receive your order

Do I need to supply warm water?

No, you just need to connect the bidet seat to the water source; the system will provide warm water instantly once you install and set the level of the warm water via the keyboard

Is it difficult to install the bidet toilet seat and do I need to buy any extra parts to install it?

The installation should be simple and easy. We provide all necessary accessories for installation so that you DO NOT need to buy any extra parts.

What is the difference between one nozzle vs. a dual nozzle system and what is the best?

Both of system has advantages over the other system. A dual nozzle system generally uses one nozzle for posterior washing and the other one for bidet washing. However, LivingStar 5900, one nozzle with two holes system utilizing each hole for a dedicated washing function: posterior or bidet washing. So that the end result will be the same.

Can I endlessly use bidet with warm water?

Yes, you can use warm water without any limitation thanks to the instant heating bidet seat.

Do I have to use Water Filter?

If you have an in-line water filtration system in your home, you can bypass installing the water filter that comes with the package. We recommend using the filter for preventing any impurities from coming into the unit.

How much do I save the energy with this model?

LivingStar 5900 is an instant heating system that saves 47% of energy as compared to a tank-type bidet seat since LivingStar 5900 DO NOT USE a tank to keep warm water. In standby mode, a tank-type bidet seat uses about 0.9KWh, while Livingstar 5900 uses ONLY 0.42 KWh. You may save further by turning on the Energy-saving mode, then it consumes only 0.11 KWh. We also recommend closing the top lid and set the seat temperature low when you are not using it. Also, it would be helpful for saving electricity to unplug the power cord when you are traveling.

Do you provide service parts? And What is the warranty?

We typically carry service parts for 5 years or longer. This product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty for 1 year; the extended warranty is also available.

How is the quality of this product?

This product uses crack-resistive material, that is Polypropylene (PP) for preventing possible cracks on the seat. We ship about a thousand units monthly in other markets without any quality issue.

What is the best way to clean up the seat?

We highly recommend using a soft piece of clothing material applying with a small amount of warm water for cleaning up the seat. Please do NOT use a strong chemical cleaning agent.

Note to the first bidet seat users

The electric bidet toilet seat has a body sensor built into the seat; therefore, the unit won’t function unless you are seated at the bidet. After the installation, many people are asking “Why my bidet seat won’t work?” The sensor disables all the functions of the electric bidet toilet seat, ensuring water won't be splashing out of the unit when pressing a button by a mistake.

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