Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

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The Best UV Sterilizer and Dryer by AIAN

Mom loves it for fast, simple, and easy operation 

  • AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is one of the fastest Sterilizer and Dryer, which takes ONLY 20 minutes to complete a cycle

  • Highly effective to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses living on the surface of daily goods

  • Sterilizing and drying is done by pressing a button (audio messaging available for starting and ending)

  • Spacious room with 1060 cubic inches available (comes with 2 removable trays, offering 2 tiers)

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The best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer by AIAN

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The AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is the best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer in the market. Many mothers of the baby are using it in North America and they love it for simple, easy, and fast operations. Yet it is reliable and safe for you to use it. Many mothers of the baby use the AIAN UV Sterilizer and Dryer for many years without having an issue.  The UV Sterilizer for baby is certified by FCC, CE, and registered at FDA and EPA.  It removes 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses, proven through an independent 3rd party lab.



Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer


Simple & Easy operation

Many people find the Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer is simple and easy to operate. By pressing a button, it automatically starts doing its job!   Sterilizing and Drying is done by just pressing a button.  This means you don’t have to press any other button.   You will hear a brief audio messaging  “AIAN Sterilizer has started…”.   After passing 20 minutes later, you will hear another audio messaging “AIAN Sterilizer has finished…”.   This is very convenient for busy mothers, who might have multiple tasks for the baby and doing other work.  It actually frees the mother from watching the operation!

Why the best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is fast? 

The baby bottle UV sterilizer uses 3 core technologies combined for an effective way to remove bacteria and viruses that possibly remained on the surface of baby bottles.   It uses UVC 253.7 nano-meter wavelength, highly effective to break off the DNA of micro-organisms.  Further to that UVC rays, Far InfraRed rays are also being used.  Just the combination of these UVC and Far InfraRed, the UV Sterilizer is already highly effective.  What makes it different from other UV Sterilizers in the market is that the UV Sterilizer is structured with a patented Hexagonal Mirroring internally. The structure makes it possible to deliver those rays effectively and quickly to the target micro-organism for inactivating them.  This is a unique feature among other sterilizers in the market since others simply use UVC lights for removing bacteria and viruses.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

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It takes only 20 minutes to complete a cycle 

Thanks to the triple effect technology: UVC and Far InfraRed rays together with hexagonal mirroring structure internally, it finishes a sterilizing and drying cycle in 20 minutes with the spacious room, which is 1060 cubic inches.   When you compare the best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer with other products, you will find it the fastest sterilizer in the market.

Best UV Sterilizer and Dryer

Many studies have found that the 253.7 nm wavelength is also highly effective in working against COVID-19 viruses.  However, it may be harmful to your skin and eyes also.  With AIAN UV Sterilizer, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of getting a negative impact from the unit since all the rays are safely kept inside the unit.

UV Sterilizers need to be safe and durable 

The nature of UVC and Far Infra-Red is to kill bacteria and viruses.  These highly effective rays also can harm your skin cells once you are exposed to the rays.  Therefore, ideally, they should not be exposed outside of the unit. OR, they can be operated when no one is near to the rays.  The baby bottle sterilizer is durable and tempered window glass is being used to ensure safety.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer


A long lifecycle 

You can use the UV lamp for up to 6,000 hours.  This means you can run it for several years before you need to replace the UV lamp.

Air purification and washable air filter 

The Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and dryer system ensure fresh air circulation within the unit with an air circulating fan and filter located in the back of the unit.  The filter is washable and you can re-use it after washing the filter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipment free and how fast can you ship?

Yes, the shipment is free. We ship your order within 24 hours. When we receive your order before 3 PM PST, we ship your order on the date we receive your order

What is the warranty period?

For AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer, we provide 1 year warranty.

How often do I need to replace the UV Lamp?

It depends on the frequency of the use. However, the lifecycle of the lamp is 6,000 hours. This means you can use it for more than 4 years if you are using it for 4 hours a day.

Do I need to wash the baby bottle before putting them into the unit?

Absolutely, Yes. Since the UV baby bottle sterilizer performs sanitizing and drying, you still need to wash it with warm water. Although, you don't need to dry the bottles since AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer provides drying as well.

Can I put multiple baby bottles in the unit?

Yes, and you may want to consider using the removable trays to separate two layers in the unit. So that you can put the target items to sanitize in the base and use the 2nd layer. OR, you can put large items in the unit without the removable trays. The unit has built-in rails to put the two removal trays.

How often do I need to wash the filter?

It could be better if you can wash the filter once a month. However, it really depends on the frequency of the use. (The filter is re-usable).

How easy is it to replace the UV lamp?

It is fairly easy to take out the old UV lamp and to put a new UV lamp in. However, please do NOT apply too high pressure when you take the lamp out or into the unit. You just need gently twist the lamp when you take it out or put it into the unit.

Do you need to put the baby bottle upward or downward?

This is a very good question! Since the AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is made of Hexagonal Mirroring, the rays are reflected from all angles. So that you can put the bottle upward or downward. This is another advantage of using the UV sterilizer and dryer.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 16 in

Chrome, Green, Purple, Orange

1 review for Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

  1. Sandy

    We have chosen Aian as the brand of choice based on its expertise in endoscopy sterilization (I need assurance that the device does what manufacturer says it does) and the size of the device. We have two Aian stetilizers at home, the baby sterilizer with heat and the electronic sterilizer without heat. This review is for the baby sterilizer. Because we pump and supplement with formula, we have multiples of the breast pump parts and bottles (we use the MAM bottles since their bottles are made to be used with breastfeeding) that need to be washed and sterilized. Each MAM bottle has 5 parts (bottle body, base, base adapter, nipple, nipple adapter) and we have 2-3 bottles loaded with water each time. Imagine how unwieldy things can get but our Aian sterilizer manages to fit everything in 1 cycle (4 bottles, 2 sets of breast pump parts). It was so easy to use — all four of us (parents and grandparents) picked up the wash and sterilizer routine in no time. Highly recommend for new parents.

    • Livingstar Plus

      Thanks, Sandy for your detailed comment!

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