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Great value for your room, Unique and Super nice design


Automatic Air Quality Check by the Sensor 

Auto operation allows for ensuring clean air quality automatically before you are in the room

Saving $:  Consumes less than 2.5KW ($1) monthly for 24 hours a day use.

Flexible Choices for Air Filter:  You can choose to use a 1, 0.3, or 0.1-micron air filter depending on your needs.


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Room Air Purifier | LivingStar

The Room Air Purifier is an ideal solution for your room, where it needs to be cleaned all the time, even before you are entering into the room.  The Room Air Purifier ensures clean air all the time by offering an automated operation while you are NOT in the room or you are in the room.  Even if you turn on the air purifier 24 hours a day, the unit consumes less than 1KW of energy monthly, a true eco-friendly energy-saving product ultimately saving costs and bringing you convenience and high-quality air.

.room air purifier

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated operation by air quality: the air purifier turns on automatically when air quality is not good.  This feature ensures the air quality of the room all the time.
  • Multidimensional air inflow system: it takes air from the top, bottom, left, and right using a patented powerful air inflow system
  • Turbo mode: You can turn this turbo mode on if you want to expedite cleaning the air
  • Sleep mode: Put the system in minimum operation while you are sleeping (lowest fan speed, close to zero fan noise)
  • Less than $1 in Turbo mode operation (consumes only 2.3 KW)
  • You can choose air filter options from Livingstar air filters 1 micron, 0.3 microns, or 0.1 microns. The default comes with a 1-micron air filter.
  • Visible filter window: you can see the filter through the window so that you can visually see the status of the filter
  • Filter replacement alert: After 2,000 hours of operation, the system automatically alerts you with 3 LED flashes for replacing your filter,
  • Minimizing noise level: less than 25dB

Perfect size for room use

The indoor air purifier is a compact yet powerful machine.  The small footprint allows you to take it anywhere you want and plug it into a power source using a USB cable through a phone charger in your room.   Studies have shown that humans stay indoors most of their time in life, 90% stay indoors; however, the air quality indoors is not as good as outside having more fine particles, and odors, and being surrounded by bacteria and viruses than outside.  

Powerful hurricane fan (patented) and multidimensional air draw in

Thanks to Hurricane Fan Technology and its unique design, the unit takes air from left, right, top, and bottom thanks to the patented powerful air purification system, which ensures it takes the air in your living space.  
room air purifier harricane fan system room air purifier air intake




Automatic Operation

The room air purifier automatically detects the air quality of your room, and it will turn on the unit itself if the air quality is low.  Once the air quality becomes normal, then it turns off the air cleaning operation.  This operation ensures the air quality in your room before you are coming into the room.

Air Quality Indicator:

room air purifier

The air quality in your room can be checked with the color of an LED indicator labeled as SENSOR, which displays below:

Bad Air Quality:  RED color – air quality is poor and needs to be purified; you may use TURBO mode by toggling the TOUCH key

Normal Air Quality: A green color – the room air quality is OK

Good Air Quality: A blue color turns on when the air quality becomes a good condition

Controlling your air purifier

You can put your air purifier in Automatic, Turbo, or Sleep mode, depending on your needs by pressing the TOUCH key, which also works as the power button. Pressing TOUCH key toggles to AUTO, TURBO, or SLEEP mode.  Once you put your air purifier in Auto mode, the air purifier automatically operates to clean the air, and Tubo mode allows you to turn the air purifier to maximum capacity to expedite cleaning the air.  Before you go to sleep, you may want to put the air purifier in Sleep mode for quieter operation of the air purifier.

room air purifier - modes

Quiet Operation

Below 25dB, which is hardly hearing any noises; you won’t notice any noise from the unit even with the Turbo mode.

Air Filter Window – Viewable filter status 

You can see the status of the air filter through the air filter window at any time.  This allows you to check for replacement and air quality in your room.

room air purifier - air filter window


Air filter change alert

After using 2000 hours, the air filter needs to be replaced.  The system will automatically turn all the LED lights on. Once you see these lights all on, then it is time to change the filter.

Air filter choices

We offer 1 or 0.3-micron air filters, and the default is 1 micron, which comes with the unit, after 2,000 hours of operation, you may choose to purchase either one of these.  Please check the air filter below link:

1 micron 0.3 micron
Notes Comes as default Optional


Air filter size:  9.37 x 7.7 x 1.1 inch (238 X 196 X 28 mm)

room air purifier

Recommended use of the air purifier

The CARD (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the air purifier is 30 cubic meters (equivalent to 103 square feet) per hour. Typical room size in the US is about 132 square feet; therefore, you may want to put the air purifier nearby where you stay most of the time (nearby the bed or desk).

Easy to change the filter

It is fairly simple to change the air filter.  Follow the below photo when you need to change the filter.

air filter replacement

Resetting the air filter timer

After changing the air filter, press the Touch button for 10 seconds, then the air filter timer is set to 0 for the next 2,000 hours.

To turn off the air purifier

Press the Touch button for 2 seconds, then the air purifier will be off.

Product Dimension and Weight

Product dimension and weight:  10.23 x 4.92 x 10.82 inches  2.63 pounds

International Certifications


Additional information

Weight 2.63 lbs
Dimensions 10.23 × 4.92 × 10.82 in


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