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Living Star is the best bidet solution

Living Star is one of the best bidet brands in the market today for many reasons.  It has been a pioneer in the bidet seat category when the bidet was not well known in the market.  It has gone through market experiences and learned important customers’ needs, then been adjust itself to the market by introducing quality bidet seats and customer-satisfactory products proven through the best customer experience. Living Star features the best bidet as a premium class maximizing customers’ convenience, yet they are affordable, reliable, easy to use, and hygiene focused.

Below is a graphical presentation of the characteristics and functional benefits (click the image below to see the enlarged format).

best bidet Living Star Attributes Diagram


Best Hygienic Bidet

Best bidet Living Star

One of the reasons why people are using a bidet seat is that it provides the best hygiene. The hygienic bidet concerns have been first priority in the design process of the Living Star bidets.  Following is the graphical presentation of the hygienic design concept.

Best Bidet Living Star - Hygienic focused design concept

It embraces resolving hygiene matters with the following details:

1. Tankless bidet solution

A tankless bidet has no tank since there is no tank; no bacteria or viruses can be developed in a tank. This is one of the biggest advantages of a tankless bidet besides other benefits such as instant warm water spray and energy saving. Unlike a tank-type bidet, water cannot be leaked from the water tank. Current models of Living Star Bidet embrace the tankless module for instant heating.

2. Bidet water filter

A water filter attachable to a bidet helps to filter impurities in the water coming into the unit. The source of impurities is lime, old water pipe, and any contaminants in the water supply, which can be cleaned up when a water filter is attached to the bidet seat through a water hose. Attaching a bidet water filter to the unit makes a longer lifecycle of a bidet and is better for your hygiene also.

best bidet living star

3. Stainless steel bidet nozzle with 2 or 3 holes for exclusive use washes

The bidet nozzle made of stainless steel works better than a plastic made nozzle for hygienic water spraying. The holes are dedicated to spraying for bidet, posterior, or turbo wash, which provides a much better clean way since water outputs are separated by different holes.

best bidet

4. The release button on the side for removing the entire unit to clean up

Once a month or two months, the bidet needs to be cleaned up completely including the toilet bowl surface, which is covered by the bidet, and that makes it impossible to clean the space between the bidet and the toilet bowl.  Living Star provides an easy way to release the whole bidet seat by pressing the release button on the side, which is a convenient way to clean up the entire unit.

Best bidet - release button

5. Self-cleaning nozzle

The bidet has a built-in self-cleaning nozzle feature that cleans up the bidet nozzle every time after using a wash. That way, any impurities are washed away.  The bidet also provides you with options for additional automatic nozzle cleaning or manual nozzle cleaning by pressing the nozzle clean function key.

Premium Class| Comprehensive Wash Features of Living Star

The best bidet by Living Star offers comprehensive wash features such as turbo wash, automated wash, and dry with oscillation mode along with multi-adjustable water temperature & pressure, air dryer, and, seat temperature settings.  This rich set of comprehensive features makes Living Star a premium-class bidet brand.  The followings are the attributes qualified to be a premium class.

Best bidet - Premium class

1. Comprehensive Washing 

Comprehensive washing makes a difference among bidet seats. The more comprehensive washing provides a better user experience and helps many people having trouble in the morning.  There are a few functional objects of comprehensive washing:

  • Turbo Wash :  an automated washing feature allowing higher water pressure in 3 levels with warm water for 1 minute for thorough washing
  • Auto Wash: typically it provides automated washing and drying with preset time and preset nozzle movement.
  • Oscillation or Move Wash: Nozzle automatically moves back and forth offering wider coverage of washing and massage effects.

2. Precise Control 

One of the qualifications to become a premium class bidet is to provide precise control on bidet peripherals with water pressure, water temperature, air temperature, and seat temperature, which are all important matters for users.  The bidet peripherals are the nozzle, seat, remote, and body sensor.  Among these peripherals, the nozzle plays a core role that needs to be precisely controlled: water volume, water temperature, water pressure, position, and movement.

premium bidet - precise controlled objects


3. Remote Control 

Remote control is one of the necessary features for a particular user group. It provides better access to the function keys via wireless.  Some people have difficulties reaching the side panel keyboard, and a remote is one of the necessary items for those people.

4. Instant Heating, On-demand warm water sprayer

One of the important attributes of premium class bidet qualifications is that it has to support instant warm water on-demand bases. There is a variation to support on-demand warm water supply, called “Continuous Supply of Warm Water”, which is a hybrid type still having a small water tank, however, it is not truly tankless.  A Tankless doesn’t use a tank at all, it uses a heating module that works the best and provides endless warm water and the best hygiene.

5. Warm Air Dryer

Warm air drying is one of the important features of a bidet since it dries out any water or humidity left.  Drying is the final step for bidet use, and usually, the air drying takes 3 minutes offered with temperature variations between the range of 100F to 150F.  Choose the lowest temperature unless you have any specific reason to choose a higher temperature.   You can run multiple drying as you wish to, likewise the washing.

6. Nightlight

A nightlight is a convenient feature for a bidet user. At night, it could be difficult to navigate to the restroom.  The nightlight provides a great navigation tool at night. One can easily access the restroom and use the bidet.

Best bidet - Living Star Bidet Nightlight


7. Body Sensor

The body sensor is used in the seat to detect if you are seated to prevent any accidental keystrokes causing sudden water spray, or any water temperature, pressure, seat, or air temperature increase or decrease that you are not intending to change. The body sensor disables all the function keys until you are actually seated.  This is a safe yet convenient feature.

8. Using Quality Material Matters for a Premium Class

In order to be a premium class, material construction is very important.  It has to be reliable, and resistant to heat and pressure. The premium class bidet has been designed and made for all these critical considerations.

Smart Electronic

The best bidet helps many people by offering multiple smart features thanks to using modern smart electronics with software for precise nozzle movement, water pressure, temperature, seat temperature, and air dryer control. Adaptation of smart electronics is the other aspect of Living Star Bidet a unique and premium class.

Reliable Smart Bidet with high-quality material and mechanical parts

Using smart electronics with high-quality material construction and durable mechanical parts, the electronic bidet stands out from others and ultimately brings you a reliable smart bidet.

Remote Bidet

Remote bidet - Living Star

A remote with a bidet seat is a convenient feature for many bidet users.  Living Star 7900 and 7100 have remote bidet features. LivingStar 7900 provides both the remote and side panel keyboard maximizing your convenience and helping you to use the side panel keyboard, in case you cannot use the bidet remote.  The remote-controlled bidet seats are all 100% waterproof; therefore, you will not have issues with water spills or humidity that causes remote malfunctioning.

Affordable and multifunctional

The best bidet by Living Star is affordable yet it provides all the premium-class bidet features using its sophisticated smart electronics with precise control.  The multifunctional bidet offers you a rich set of features, that is “All In One Concept”:

  • Multilevel settings of the seat: seat temperature, water temperature, water pressure, air dryer temperature, automated wash, turbo wash with oscillation mode, nozzle movement, and 100% waterproof & smart touch keyboard.
  • On-demand warm water sprayer
  • Slow closing the top lid
  • Unit detachment using the release button
  • Device safety
  • Nightlight

Best Bidet - Living Star

Perfect for a family

A family member may need to share the same bidet unit and it needs to be multifunctional to meet the individual requirement of the family member; therefore, it has to provide what a male, female, kid, and elderly member is looking for.  Ideally, a bidet provides:

  • Female Wash
  • Posterior Wash
  • Kid’s Wash
  • Turbo Wash

The above functions shall cover extended family members: husband and wife, kids, and grandparents.

best bidet - living star


A bidet seat is known to be eco-friendly since there is no need to use toilet paper. Our Living Star bidet goes beyond this known fact about the eco-friendly bidet.  We use advanced tankless bidet technology, which consumes less energy than a tank-type bidet. The energy-saving mode allows even further saving electricity by putting the bidet system in standby mode, minimizing energy use.  The pre-set temperature, water pressure, air dryer temperature, and seat temperature come back automatically when you start using the seat.

best bidet living star - eco-friendly reasoning

Pros and Cons of the best bidet | Living Star

Living Star bidet seats are one of the best bidets in the market today.  Each model has its own properties and benefits.  Here is the brief summary and comparison of Living Star Bidet by each model.

Living Star 5900 Elongated Bidet

The Living Star 5900 bidet has many advantages as compared to other models. It is slim, lightweight, yet durable a perfect fit for a single-family bidet seat. best bidet 5900 product sketches


The advantages are:

1.  Affordable Bidet

The best bidet was designed for beginners using a bidet who may not be familiar with using bidets. The affordable price works for many families, yet it offers essential bidet functions.

2. Simple Keyboard Layout for easy operation

The operational keys are only 8, which makes users remember each key location and use them easily, the perfect simplified key layout offers a great choice for bidet beginners.

3. Automatic Wash Bidet Program

This feature makes it extremely easy for bidet beginners. Pressing a button to wash and dry automatically concept not only helps bidet beginners but also helps many people with physical trouble.

4. Designed for Slim and Lightweight, fitting most toilets including round variations.

The 5900 bidet is an elongated shape; however, the length is about 0.5″ to 1″ longer than a usual round shape bidet, which allows installation on a round toilet bowl as well.  Also, the slim and lightweight feature offers easy bidet installation and bidet cleaning. It is easier to lift up or move the seat with lightweight and slim.

5. Strong material construction

The material construction for the bidet and top lid parts is crack-resistive, which means you will use it for a long time.

The disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of the bidet is that it doesn’t include a nightlight, which helps navigate the restroom at night.  Also, there is no remote control, which offers convenience.

Living Star 7500 Premium Bidet

The Living Star 7500 is a true premium-class bidet seat, it brings high satisfaction to the users with its superior comprehensive washing bidet features and ergonomic design. best bidet 7500 product sketch - overview

The advantages are:

1.  Comprehensive Washing Bidet: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid’s Wash; Automatic Wash with nozzle oscillation, Turbo Wash.

2. Stainless nozzle with 3 holes

3. Nightlight, Nozzle Positioning Control

4. Strong material construction

5. Designed for Slim and Lightweight, fitting most toilet bowls including round variations.

The disadvantage

The only disadvantage of the 7500 premium bidet seat is that it doesn’t have remote control ability. It was designed without a remote bidet concept.

Living Star 7900 Remote Bidet

This best bidet model offers many advantages of bidet features with advanced washing. Furthermore, you can control your bidet with a remote and side panel keyboard, maximizing your convenience.

Best bidet 7900 living star

The advantages are:

1.  Dual Control via remote and side panel keyboard; when you have an issue with the remote, you can still use the bidet via side panel keyboard.

2. Advanced Washing via Remote: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid’s Wash; Automatic Wash with nozzle oscillation, Turbo Wash.

3. Stainless nozzle with 3 holes

4. Nightlight, Nozzle Positioning Control

5. Strong material construction

The disadvantage

This bidet model is perfect for anyone whether you are a beginner or used to a bidet seat, it shall fully satisfy your need.  If we can point out a disadvantage, then it is not possible to fit this bidet model to a round shape due to the longer length than the 5900 and 7500 bidet models.

Living Star 7100 RF Remote Bidet


This 7100 RF bidet has a unique SmartCare function that uses data from your preferred usage of the bidet, then it executes your preferential settings automatically. best bidet 7100 product sketches - overview

The RF remote control provides more reliable data communication between the main unit and the remote, using a radio frequency method, which offers a long distance and wider angle communication to the main unit than the IR remote.  Note that most bidet uses IR remote communication methods today.

The advantages are:

1.  Smart Washing Bidet:  Basic washes (posterior, bidet), SmartCare, Rhythm Wash.

2. More reliable data communication to the main unit by adopting RF remote control

3.  Bigger remote controller than 7900 in size

4.  Cold and Warm Wash, Turbo Wash

5. Nightlight, Kid’s Wash, Nozzle Move

6. More setting control steps than other Living Star bidet models

The disadvantage

The stainless nozzle provides 2 holes unlike 7500 or 7900.  This is the only disadvantage of the bidet as compared to other Living Star bidet models.

Pros and Cons Living Star The Best Bidet Comparision


LivingStar 5900

LivingStar 7100

LivingStar 7500

LivingStar 7900

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat Top Lid Open  Smart Toilet LivingStar 7100  Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium 7500  LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote


  • Automatic Wash Bidet
  • Affordable
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic Wash
  • Slim and Lightweight
  • Strong material used
  • Installable to round shape toilet bowels


  • Smart Washes (SmartCare, Rhythm Wash)
  • Reliable RF  Remote
  • Large Remote Size
  • Kid’s Wash
  • Auto Nightlight
  • Nozzle move
  • More level controls for temp, pressure
  • Strong material construction


  • Comprehensive wash
  • Stainless nozzle with 3 holes
  • Nightlight
  • Kid’s&Turbo Wash,
  • Nozzle Move
  • Strong material construction
  • Slim and Lightweight
  • Installable to round shape toilet bowels
  • Advanced wash via remote
  • Dual Control via remote and side panel keyboard
  • Comprehensive wash
  • Stainless nozzle with 3 holes
  • Nightlight
  • Kid’s & Turbo Wash
  • Nozzle Move
  • Strong material construction



2 stainless nozzle holes

No Nightlight

No Remote Bidet

2 stainless nozzle holes

Only applicable to Elongated Bowels

No Remote Bidet Only applicable to Elongated Bowels



Seat Temp(3), Water Temp(3), Water Press(3), Air Dryer(3) Nozzle Position(5), Seat Temp(4), Water Temp(4), Water Press(5), Air Dryer(4) Nozzle Position(5),      Seat Temp(4), Water Temp(4), Water Press(5), Air Dryer(4) Nozzle Position(5)        Seat Temp(4), Water Temp(4), Water Press(5), Air Dryer(4)


What do I need to check for hygienic bidet features?

The must-have hygienic bidet features are a tankless bidet, availability of self-cleaning and manual cleaning nozzle options, bidet water filter option, and detachability of the bidet unit. Also, the bidet nozzle made of stainless steel makes it much better for the hygienic bidet.

What are the comprehensive bidet wash features?

Check to see if the bidet provides turbo bidet wash and automatic wash with nozzle move, called oscillation, which can apply to bidet or posterior wash

Why is an electronic smart bidet better than a mechanical bidet?

A mechanical bidet solely relies on water pressure without supplying or being able to provide warm water, warm air, and a warm seat.

Are more settings for water, air, and seat temperature better?

The more setting options the better for your bidet use, allowing for different levels of water temperature and pressure control.

Why is a slim bidet better?

A slim bidet not only fit better to your existing toilet but also look better and they usually employ tankless bidet, which takes much less space and takes less energy

Click here to see a complete comparison list of Living Star Bidet Seat models. 


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