Testimonials for LivingStar

Testimonials for LivingStar – High quality and Affordable

The following are testimonials for LivingStar and AIAN UV Sterilizers, which are owned and operated by LivingStar.  We highly focus on product quality and customer services.  We try our best to serve our customers.  Please note that we have not put all the testimonials for LivingStar on this page.

” Dr. Allen Reid DMD”

Great experience. Responsive customer service and excellent product for COVID 19 protection. The Multipurpose Sterilizer is perfect for my dental office use.

Testimonial for LivingStar

“Sandy from San Diego”

We have chosen Aian as the brand of choice based on its expertise in endoscopy sterilization (I need assurance that the device does what the manufacturer says it does) and the size of the device. We have two Aian sterilizers at home, the baby sterilizer with heat and the electronic sterilizer without heat. This review is for the baby sterilizer. Because we pump and supplement with formula, we have multiples of the breast pump parts and bottles (we use the MAM bottles since their bottles are made to be used with breastfeeding) that need to be washed and sterilized. Each MAM bottle has 5 parts (bottle body, base, base adapter, nipple, nipple adapter) and we have 2-3 bottles loaded with water each time. Imagine how unwieldy things can get but our Aian sterilizer manages to fit everything in 1 cycle (4 bottles, 2 sets of breast pump parts). It was so easy to use — all four of us (parents and grandparents) picked up the wash and sterilizer routine in no time. Highly recommend it for new parents.

” John Wires from W. Virginia”

I bought your LivingStar Bidet Seat last year and I am so pleased to purchase your new Livingstar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat. I am so impressed with your highly responsible and responsive services for your products.   Your services were beyond my expectations and I actually was looking for a remote control bidet seat; but, I decided to buy your LivingStar 7500 Bidet Seat due to your high-quality services.


” Yeung from California”

I bought your bidet seat a long time ago about 6 years ago and am using it without any issue.  I am looking forward to seeing this new 7500 LivingStar bidet seat


” Justin Kwon from California:”

I bought one of your bidet seats 5 years ago and it still runs just fine.  The quality of services I received was excellent.  I look forward to replacing the old one with the new LivingStar bidet seat.

Testimonials for LivingStar

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