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Aian Endoscope Cabinet
Aian Endoscope Cabinet
  • A safety cabinet system for storing endoscopes preventing from 2nd or 3rd infection in hospital environment.
  • Air circulation fan is installed for easy drying of endoscopes after cleansing.
  • Designed to put endoscopes on and take them off easily.
  • Sterilizer with Plasma ionizer to prevent pathogenic bacteria (optional)
  • Effective in the prevention of hepatitis and other types of infection disease; it also removes bad smell by plasma ionizer (optional)
  • Tempered glass adapted
  • Manufactured using SUS304 to prevent rusting
  • External timer controlled
  • Dimension:  9.29(w) x 7.71(d) x 32.55(h) inches
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Sale! Aian Multipurpose Sterilizer durable body
Aian Multipurpose Sterilizer
  • Low-Temperature Sterilization:  Provides the ability to sterilize thin bottles, cell phones, and others that are sensitive to heat.
  • Removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with multiple items
  • One-touch operation
  • Beginning and ending audio alert for an operation
  • 30 minutes for complete sterilization of the target object(s).
  • Made in S. Korea
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Aian Sterilizer & Dryer Chrome
Aian Sterilizer and Dryer
Aian Sterilizer and Dryer - Mom loves Aian for fast, simple, and easy operation
  • Fast operation: it takes only 20 minutes to sterilize and dry baby bottles, thanks to its built-in triple effect technology with an automated process
  • Simple to use: With a single touch operation, sterilization and dry process is completed with beginning and ending audio messages for your convenience
  • Removing 99.99% of bacteria with multiple items, proven through a 3rd party lab testing. (FCC, CE certified. FDA registered)
  • Durable body with built-in Air Ventilation System: Aian is durable and has spacious room to place multiple items (1060 cubic inches), optimized for sterilizing & drying of baby bottles and other daily goods. It has built-in air ventilation to fresh the air inside the unit.
  • Product Dimension and Weight: 12.59 (w) * 12.74 (h) * 12.58(d), 12.34 LBS
  • Made in S. Korea
  • Triple effects using a combination of UV & Infrared lights, and patented hexagonal mirroring system that makes effective delivery of lights for sterilizing baby bottles and other daily goods
Aian is an electronic sterilizer that has been designed and developed for effectively removing viruses and bacteria, possibly remained in baby bottles and other daily use products. Aian uses a combination of ultraviolet (UV) and far infra-red lights to remove harmful micro-organisms living in thousands of daily products. It employs patented  Hexagonal Mirroring Structure for effective delivery of UV light as well as infrared heat to the objects shortening the time for disinfection and drying; it removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria.  One-touch power button operation with built-in audio messages for starting and ending makes it easy to use Aian. It has a spacious room having 1060 cubic inches to accommodate a large item or multiple items at a time for sterilization of baby bottles. Air purification is done through the back of the unit ensuring to supply clean air into the unit. One can choose from 4 color variants: Chrome, Green, Pink, or Orange.  
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Aroma mask patch 8 counts
Aroma Mask Patch 8 Counts
  • Fill your air within your mask with an aromatic scent and make it fresh.
  • Made of natural aroma ingredients with a patch type
  • Convenient and easy to apply the patch inside of the mask
  • The mint scent of a patch will last 6 hours long
  • Odorless, clear or light-colored film, safe to use
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Aian Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Black office settings
Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Uses a 3rd-party made Alcohol type disinfectants (volume capacity: 1.2L)
  • An automatic operation sensor to detect for hand placed in the unit for dispensing of disinfectant operation
  • Indicators: Replenishment Alert, Power On, Operating
  • Wall mounted, 120V (20W), measured by 9.44(W)*6.49(D)*15.15(H) inches, unit weight: 6.39 Pounds
  • Sprays 0.5 ~ 1 CC / Second
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LivingStar Bidet Part Top Lid
Bidet Part Top Lid

LivingStar Bidet part top lid This top lid is for LivingStar Bidet Seat only.  The applicable models are LS-5300, LS-5700, and LS-7700.

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LivingStar Bidet Seat Connectors Aroma Insert
Bidet Seat Connectors Aroma Insert

LivingStar Bidet Seat Connectors Aroma Insert The LivingStar Bidet Seat Connectors, Aroma Insert is only applicable to LivingStar Bidet Seats, LS-5300, LS-5700, and LS-7700  Please click the part you need and verify it before placing an order.  Thank you. Bidet … Continued

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Small storage and desktop organizer for home desktop file organizer grey open drawer
Deluxe Desktop File Cabinet
  • 4 drawer open file cabinet that is a modern and simple design
  • 4 internal drawers (easily slide in & out)
  • Made of strong ABS and plastic for long use
  • 3 color variations (Gray, Yellow, Mint)
  • Dimension & Weight: 11.41 x 13.38 x 9.44 inches, 6.6 LBS
  • Made in S. Korea
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Pencil Holder Black & White style
Desk Organizing Pencil Holder
  • A coffee cup look, pencil holder
  • Simple and strong design
  • Dimension & Weight: White/Black Lid:    Pi 3.46 x 5.03 (H) , 0.17 LBS     Well & Good:  Pi 3.8 x 4.3(H)
  • Made in S. Korea
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Desktop 2 tiers file organizer Grey
Desktop 2Tiers File Organizer

Desktop 2Tiers File Organizer: easy and convenient to organize your desk items in a single place. LivingStar Desktop 2tiers File Organizer is an ideal desktop solution for organizing various documents with its 2 Tiers with a modern and simple design. … Continued

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Sale! eye cream applicator tool
Eye cream applicator tool
  • Titanium Head: Made of 99.5% Pure Titanium that has multiple benefits: anti-corrosion, scratch resistant, helps to circulate blood
  • Ergonomically designed: Easy grip and a perfect head size for eye cream applicator
  • Temperature retention ability: Allows to pre-refrigerated it with reasonable temperature before use
  • Light weight
  • Please check dimension of the product before placing an order; it is measured by 3.74 x 0.43 inches.
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LivingStar Foldable book stand13.23x9.13
Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles
  • Highly Adjustable: 13 Adjustable angles for maximizing your convenience while reading, writing, and browsing
  • Easy & Simple to use with built-in strong structure
  • Highly convenient: Easily to put a book, notebook, or tablet onto the stand with patented spring coil to hold tight with thick book pages
  • Reading & Writing on the stand with patented adjustable arm and non-slip stopper
  • Made of strong and eco-friendly MDF; No Assembly required
  • Made in S. Korea
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