Living Star Home Improvement

LIVING STAR is an affordable brand

Living Star provides various types of products that are highly useful and bringing benefits to your daily life. It focuses on personal hygiene, family health, and convenience.  Thanks for visiting our website!

LIVING STAR Storage & Organizer for Home and office

Living Star Home Improvement provides beneficial and valuable products to you, and at the same time, it brings you conveniences.  The bases of the design are simplistic and highly functional.  Therefore, the guideline of this concept made it possible to offer you modern design and conveniences for storing and organizing products.  Our Living Star Home Improvement products are all necessary items for the home and office.  Furthermore, space becomes more and more expensive in our daily life and we well-understand the trend requiring multipurpose, modern design; moreover, convenience is the most important matter for you.  We shall bring the best design with high-quality products that are beneficial to you.

UV Sterilizer and hand sanitizer dispensers become essential to our daily living.

UV Sterilizer and touchless hand sanitizer dispenser become one of the essentials in daily living today for you, your family, and even at the work. Since COVID-19 broke out, we will have to be concerned about personal hygiene.  Living Star provides you with various types of UV sterilizers as well as an automatic sanitizer dispenser, which inactivates viruses and bacteria.

LIVING STAR Bidet Seat  

We have introduced affordable bidet seats to the market since 2018 with simple functional bidet seats to premium class seats. LS-5300 was the first model we have launched in 2018 followed by LS-7700 and LS-5700.  We’ve learned many valuable aspects from customers and we will try our best to enhance existing products.