UVC Wavelength 253nm

About UVC Wavelength UVC Wavelength 253nm is particularly useful. UV rays come from sunlight with different types of spectrum, categorized into 3 different wavelengths: UVA(320nm ~ 400nm), UVB(280nm ~ 320nm), UVC(200nm ~ 280nm). Among these spectrums, UVC Wavelength 253nm provides … Continued

Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC

Endoscope Storage Cabinet With UVC Provides Effective Disinfection Endoscope Storage Cabinet with UVC is needed since people are getting infected by viruses and bacteria during their stay in a hospital by various sources, including a patient-to-patient infection caused by an endoscope.  Today, … Continued

What is Plasma Ionizer?

What is Plasma Ionizer? Plasma Ionizer radiates negative ions that bring multiple benefits. AIAN UV Multipurpose is a UV & Plasma enabled machine that will remove bacteria and viruses using Plasma Ionizer, which will generate negative ions that will work … Continued

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