Frequently Asked Questions and Manuals of LivingStar Bidet.

I.  Helpful references for installation

Manuals are available with below (please click to the link for viewing or downloading the manual).

LS-5300  Manual 

LS-5700 Manual

LS-5700 Remote Control Instructions  

LS-7700 Manual

Quick Installation Guide 

Installation Video 

Step by step for replacing the water filter

Replacing Seat (Follow Section A through H)

LivingStar 7500 Bidet Toilet Seat (Installation)

Manual (5900, 7500, 7900)



Frequently asked questions are found in the below section

II. Questions & Answers

1. Why my bidet doesn’t work after installation?

The Bidet unit will only work when you sit down in the seat. It has a built-in body sensor that blocks all the key functions of the bidet.  To reverse this blocking function,  one has to seat in the unit.

2.  Do you need a water filter to be installed?

It is recommended to use the water filter; however, if you believe water quality is good, then you may not need it and bypass the filter.   Please refer to the Quick Installation Guide for further reference.  Once you have installed it,  please replace the filter every 6 months.

3.  Do you provide all the necessary parts for installation?

Yes, the kit contains all the parts for installation.

4.  What is the warranty period and what happens after the warranty period?

A 1-year warranty is provided and we shall support conditional warranty services after 1 year.

5.  What is the length of the power cord?

5.7 foot

6.  How do you take out the water hose from the bidet unit or Nipple Caps?

Nipple caps have an interlocking feature that locks up the hose once it goes inside the unit.  To unlock it, gently press the top edge of the Nipple Cap or receptacle of the Nipple Cap in the bidet unit, then slowly take the hose out of the cap or receptacle of the cap.Frequently Asked Questions - connector

Frequently Asked Questions - connector

7.  Why my remote control doesn’t work well?

The remote control is just like your TV remote.  Point the remote to the side panel of the bidet unit where the receiver is located.   Furthermore, one has to seat in the unit to activate the unit, and Remote starts communicating with each other.

8.  Can I reduce the length of the water hose to fit what I need?

Yes, you can.  But cut the hose evenly and without having any wrinkle of the hose, then place the hose all the way to the receptacle or cap.

9.  How to prevent crack on the bottom seat cover?

A crack on the seat can be developed if the seat was not installed properly.  It is highly recommended NOT to STRONGLY tight the fixing plate with the bolts.    Fit the plate with bolts loosely, then install the bidet seat unit, after that, lock the fixing plate with the bolts gently until the bidet seat fits & not moving around.

10.  Why do I see a red light flashing and non of my function keys don’t work?

If you see a red light blinking in the control panel keyboard and your remote (in case of LS-5700 with remote) is not working, that means the unit is not getting water properly.   Check your water source first,  and if the water source is ok, but still not working,  then adjust the position of the water filter (the filter may not position properly).    If you still have an issue and need further assistance, please call us at 562-406-7289.

11.  How do I know if my water supply works correctly for LS-5300 & LS-5700?

When the power source is applied after the installation, the red light on the control panel keyboard will be flashing, which means that the water has not supplied to the unit.  Once the water has been filled in, then the red light turns green for ready to use.

12.  How does the energy function work on LS-7700 and how to set it up?

Please refer to the link Energy Saving Mode.

13. I can’t put the Fixing Rubber into the Sanitary ware.  How do I fix this problem?

The purpose of the rounded shape in the middle of the Fixing Rubber is to fill any space left between the Sanitary ware and bidet unit for the firm fixture.  The issue may be caused by the middle part of Fixing Rubber that is larger than that of the Sanitary ware and it causes the rubber not to go into the Sanitary ware.      If you have this particular problem, please apply oil or cleanser to make the rubber slippery, then slowly push & screw into the Sanitary ware as if you are putting a screw.

14.  Why my LS-5300 bidet seat doesn’t get warm water and the seat is not heated?

Please try to turn the “Energy Saving Mode” off,  then use it.   The mode cuts the electricity off while the bidet seat is not in use; therefore, it takes time to warm up the seat and water, even if the setting levels were in high temperature.