LivingStar Bidet a perfect and best bidet toilet seat.  We focus on high-quality and comprehensive bidet seat solutions bringing satisfaction for you.

Sale! LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat
LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat

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Feature and benefits of Premium Bidet Seat LivingStar 7500(One Size Fits All)

  • Lightweight, Slim, One Size Fits All design concept
  • 20.27 Inches long fits most of the existing toilet bowl. Check about installation.
  • Instant Heating: Premium Ceramic Heater allows instantly heating up the water.  It offers saving energy and water, without needing a water tank.
  • Washing: Posterior, Bidet, and Turbo Wash with various modes: Kid’s Wash (Automatic function for 1 minute of washing and 3 minutes of drying for a kid
  • Oscillation:  a comprehensive washing function that works with Posterior Wash, Bidet, and Turbo Wash.  The nozzle moves back and forth automatically.
  • Multi-level Adjustments: 5 levels of water pressure, 4 levels of water temperature, 4 levels of seat temperature, 5 levels of warm air control, and 5 nozzle positions
  • Water filter: The system comes with a water filter helping further protection of the unit
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle with One pocket with 3 holes for the exclusive use of Turbo Wash, Posterior Wash, and Bidet/Kid's Wash, Replaceable nozzle cap
  • Nozzle cleaning: Self nozzle cleaning or manual cleaning
  • 100% waterproof keyboard
  • Energy Saving ModeNightlight LEDSoft closing for seat and cover
  • Heated seat, Seat sensor (body sensor) disables all the functions until you are seated
  • Using Anti-Crack material for the seat.   Safety: a thermal cut-off function is used for your safety
  • Power requirements: 120V/60Hz, 1260 Watts.   Power cord length: 59 inches
  • Warranty Period: 2 years, UL Certified, Made in S. Korea,
  • Dim and weight: 20.27 (L) x 17.40 (W) 6.29 (H),  8.15 LBS, Pkg weight: 11.24LBS
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LivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet
LivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet Seat

SHAPE AVAILABILITY: Round &  Elongated Premium bidet maximizes your convenience via multi-level settings, instant heating, dual nozzle, massage, oscillation, a nightlight, remote control, and music.   LivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet Seat

  • Eco and user friendly: Instant heating (tankless) of water makes warm water immediately available while it also saves energy consumption.
  • Maximizing your preferences: 12 steps of water temp, 9 steps of warm air, 7 steps of seat temp, 8 steps of water pressure, 5 steps of nozzle position with Remote ControlLivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet Seat
  • Two(2) nozzles (anti-bacterial coated) for the exclusive use of Posterior or Feminine wash. Built-in a Smart Seat Sensor & Heat Sensor
  • Various cleansing modes with warm water: Massage (water sprays up & down repeatedly), Move(nozzle moves back and forth automatically), Turbo(enema), Posterior, Feminine wash with micro-air-bubble tech brings high comfort. Switz wash, a five-minute continuous wash applies to Posterior & Feminine wash. Kid function allows friendly experiences for kids.
  • Value-Added Features: Nightlight for convenience, UV lamp sterilization, a water purifier, an optional air freshener socket, multiple energy-saving modes, self-cleansing & anti-bacteria nozzle, anti-freezing, anti-slam lid, and etiquette music for privacy. CE, FCC, RoH, CQC, CU, WaterMark certified.
  • Made in S. Korea
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Sale! One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat
One Size Fits Bidet Toilet Seat

One Size Fits All

Multiple Benefits

Energy Saving with Instant Heating without needing a water tank (Additional function for more energy savings by pressing a key)

Various Washing Modes (Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation(a massage function) )

Multi-Adjustable for Water Pressure(5 levels), Water Temperature(4 levels), Seat Temperature(4 levels), Air Dryer(5 levels), Nozzle Position(5 positions)  Washing Modes: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid, Oscillation

Advanced Nozzle Technology: Stainless Steel, 1 pocket 3 holes exclusive use for posterior, bidet, turbo wash, replaceable nozzle cap, nozzle cleansing by automated or manual

100% Waterproof keyboard, Nightlight, Soft closing of the lid and seat

2 years warranty, Anti-crack material being used for the lid and seat for longer use, water filter

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