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Living Star Bidet brand was born by the founder, who suffered from hemorrhoids. He tried both a mechanical bidet and a modern electronics smart bidet and he discovered the bidet helps improve his issue.  Thereafter, his journey began to create a bidet brand, using the most advanced bidet technologies, that address the best hygiene for humans.

LivingStar Image About Us

Living Star focus

Living Star Bidet has been in the market since 2017 in the US and its associated products are being manufactured in S. Korea.  Living Star has been focused on providing bidet toilet seats that are adjustable settings, hygienic, convenient, easy installation, and economically affordable via quality and functional rich features such as competitive offerings, tankless, nightlight, heated heat, air dryer, comprehensive washes, and energy-saving modes. The bidet toilet seats benefit users whether they are living in a house or an apartment, offering one of the best bidets in the market today. 

Below is the Living Star bidet focus and its characteristics in graphical representation.

Living Star Bidet - characteristics

Why is the Living Star The Best Bidet?

Living Star bidet brand focuses on hygiene, convenience, and affordability across all the models while offering a wide user selection with different models having unique features.

For Strengthening Hygiene

living star bidet nozzle The most important matter for bidet users, who adopted bidets, is for improving personal hygiene.

To meet the hygiene-focused bidet for users, the Living Star bidet employs tankless, multiple holes in the stainless nozzle, self-cleaning nozzle, water filter, and entire seat lifting button for easy cleaning.

For Convenient Features

Convenience is the second reason why people use a bidet.

living star bidet - convenient features

Living Star offers all the necessary convenient modern bidet features: personalized settings, various washing, minimizing keystrokes, quiet operation, slow-closing, and remote with Living Star 7100 and 7900 models. Furthermore, it offers automated washing and drying, and nightlight. All models have nightlight features except the 5900 model.

For Affordability 

affordable living star bidet - letter image Living Star offers competitive price points considering the rich features available in the system as compared to other brands in the market.

The cost factors should include energy savings and less cost of maintenance. Once these factors are included, Living Star bidets are one of the most affordable bidets in the market.

The tankless saves at least 47% compared to the tank-type bidets. Living star bidet - energy saving tankless bidet

Living Star further gives the user an option to utilize energy-saving mode, turning the unit into sleep mode. The strong material construction is attributed to the cost since the more durable the less maintenance is required without needing to replace a part.

The Seat Configuration

Following is the typical Living Star Bidet and nozzle configuration, which is common to all bidet models.

Living Star Bidet - Seat Configuration

Simple to use for beginners

One of the Living Star bidet models, the LivngStar 5900 is an affordable bidet for many users and a good buying choice for beginners.

living star bidet - 5900 product sketch The 5900 model is simple to use and has all the necessary bidet functions.

The number of keys is simplified to 8, which makes it easy for users.


Premium Class for advanced users

The 7500 model is a premium class, that provides all the advanced bidet features including Turbo Wash and Automatic Wash with a powerful Oscillation mode, that makes the nozzle move back and forth.  This nozzle move offers a complete wash and massaging effect.

This model brought high satisfaction among customers. living star bidet - 7500 upside down mechanical drawing

All In One Bidet for Maximizes Convenience | Best Home Bidet

The 7900 is a true “All In One Bidet” bearing the concept, which offers all the necessary convenient features including a remote and side short keyboard, with advanced washing modes including Turbo Wash, Kid’s Wash, Automatic Wash, and Posterior / Bidet Wash.


living star bidet - 7900 product sketch The remote and side panel keyboard makes it easy to access necessary functions.

Warm Seat

living star bidet - heated seat A warm seat makes you feel comfortable in the morning, especially, when it gets cold and you want to get warmth.

The seat slowly makes your body warm up, which helps for getting ready for the day.  You can adjust the seat temperature via the keyboard and the temperature ranges from room temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart Care


what is machine learned bidet seat - living star 7100 smart care Smart Care is one of the new inventions in the bidet industry. The Living Star 7100 adopted this new concept in the unit.


The bidet collects user data at the unit and optimizes the best settings for water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature based on the statistical data of the user’s behavior.

How the Smart Care helps users?

The user does not have to set the settings manually, and by pressing the SmartCare button, the system automatically uses optimized settings, that the system has collected.  This allows a user without going through his or her preferred settings.  This is a convenient and user-friendly function since a user does not have to remember his or her preferred water temperature, water pressure, air temperature, and seat temperature, saving time for the user.

Summary of the Characteristics of the Living Star Bidet Models


LivingStar 5900

 Affordable: it offers all the necessary bidet functions (posterior, bidet, automatic with oscillation, seat temperature, air dryer, nozzle cleaning/auto or manual, and more).

LivingStar 7500

A premium class that provides sophisticated washes, and all necessary bidet features.

LivingStar 7900

All In One concept, having all the necessary convenient features and functions: This is an enhanced version of 7500, adding a dual control:  remote and side panel keyboard maximizing convenience.

LivingStar 7100

A Smart Care enabled: Collects patterns of user’s data(water temperature, water pressure, air dryer temperature, and seat temperature) and automatically execute optimized user’s preferred settings, offering user another level of convenience.


For further details, click to Compare each model of the Living Star Bidets.

Easy Installation

Complete kits ready in the package

Living Star Bidet comes with complete packaging, manual, and video, ready to install, which collectively makes it easy for you to install.  You do not need to source a part to install it.

living star bidet install kit

Slim and small footprint

Thanks to its slim and small footprint, the bidets take up less space and are easy to handle when you install the unit to your existing toilet bowl. The slim and small footprint design has been possible thanks to tankless and material technology. The design makes it not only easy to install and clean but also makes a modern look, matching your modern bathroom settings.

Why is the slim shape easier to handle for installation and cleanup?
slim bidet - Living Star Bidet The lighter the bidet, the better for one to handle the unit.

If the unit is bulky and heavy, then it is hard to place or remove the seat from the toilet bowels.

How slim and small footprint possible?
  1. The tankless do not use a tank in the unit, that is why it is called tankless.  A tank-type bidet requires space to install the tank. Without having the tank, the tankless system saves space.
  2. The material technology, using Polypropylene or PP brings higher durability and higher resistance against heat and pressure as compared to  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS.  Thus the PP-made bidet: the seat, lid, or side body can be slimmer yet stronger than that of ABS-made bidet parts.

One Size Fits All

bidet - one size fits all - letter image The 7500 and 5900 seats are versatile for installing onto both round and elongated shapes.

They are designed for a One Size Fits All concept, which allows a great option when you are relocating your house where there might be a different shape than the seat shape you have.

How do I know if I have an elongated or round toilet bowl?

Please visit the page describing the toilet bowl size and shape.


Living Star Bidet is made for maximizing your convenience, having all the necessary features for your need: personalized settings, body sensor, slow-closing lid, various washing, quiet operation, one-touch operation, remote control, or side panel keyboard.

Personalize settings for your preferences

You can personalize seat temperature, water temperature and pressure, air dryer temperature, nozzle position, and energy-saving mode, You can set these settings after installation or anytime you want to change them.





Water pressure (levels)





Air Dryer Temp






Nozzle Position

Not Supported




Water Temp





Seat Temp





Body Sensor

A body sensor in the bidet plays an important role in preventing any accidental key touch on the remote or side panel keyboard.  The body sensor enables a function on the keyboard as you press a key when you are seated. If you are not seated, then the system disables any functional keys, which ensures the safe operation of the bidet seat.

Living Star Bidet - Body Sensor

Soft Closing

Soft closing of the lid and seat is a convenient feature as well as device protection from dropping pressure of the lid and seat.  A soft closing lid or seat prevents generating sharp noise from closing. It could be bothering to hear a noise every time you close the seat or lid after using the bidet.

soft closing bidet - livingstar

Various Washing

Washing is the most important bidet feature and the more options, the better for your convenience. Living Star bidet provides several washings and modes that can be used by a male, female, kid, or elderly among family members. Here are the washing features and modes:

. Posterior:  a common wash function for male and female

. Bidet: a female wash

. Kid: a wash feature for a kid with built-in wash and dry functions

. Turbo: a wash with high water pressure, a helpful feature for the elderly or a person with a constipation issue

. Automatic Wash:  an automatic wash and dry function for maximizing your convenience

. Oscillation mode:  an additional value-added feature for massaging effect with automatic nozzle movement

Quiet Operation

Living Star Bidet operates quietly without creating noises thanks to the tankless technology, which heats up water instantly and dispenses warm water on-demand, without needing a tank in the unit. Since the tankless does not use a tank, it doesn’t need to pull and store water in the tank; pulling and storing water in the tank generates noises.

One Touch Operation

You can use posterior or bidet wash, then warm air dryer by pressing a key labeled “Auto” on the keyboard.

This is a convenient feature as you just need to press a button and finish washing and drying. bidet keyboard - smart touch

Remote Control or Side panel keyboard control

A remote controller is a convenient device that communicates with the main unit via wireless. Below is the keyboard configuration of each model.  As you note, the 7900 and 7100 support remote, and the 5900 and 7500 do not support remote control.

LivingStar 7900 remote LivingStar 5900 Control Panel

(attached to the side of the unit)

LivingStar 7500 Control Panel

(attached to the side of the unit)

LivingStar 7100 remote
living star bidet - 7900 remote Living Star Bidet - 5900 Control keyboard Living Star Bidet - 7500 keyboard  

bidet toilet seat functional keyboard layout - demonstration


Safe to use

The bidet comes with important hardware for the safe use of the bidet seat.

Anti-overheating temperature and thermal fuse

For any reason, if there is overheating caused by a heated seat, water heating, or air dryer, the anti-overheating and thermal fuse will be used to disconnect the power in the system.

Water backflow prevention

A check valve ensures the prevention of any water backflow.


Living Star Bidets are economical in many aspects: tankless, energy-saving mode, and less maintenance; these are all contributing factors making the bidet economical.

Energy savings

bidet with dryer - tankless bidet The Living Star Bidets are all tankless systems.

They use less energy, and furthermore, they use a function key to enable energy-saving mode so that the system uses minimum energy when the seat is not in use.  This is a useful function when you are out of town or going on vacation.

Less Maintenance

The units are constructed with durable material for the prevention of cracks and causing broken parts. One may not need any hardware maintenance for a long time or even the lifecycle of the bidet.  One just needs to clean up the unit regularly.

Best Hygiene

The Living Star bidets are designed and made for hygienic focus since most people use a bidet for personal hygiene. The system provides multiple features to embrace the best hygienic bidet:

  • Tankless:  No Tank Means No Bacteria or Viruses in the tank
  • Easy to clean up the unit
  • Water filter
  • Stainless steel nozzle with 2 or 3 holes for the exclusive use of bidet, posterior, or turbo wash (a kid’s wash uses the same sprayer hole as the turbo wash).

How does Tankless help hygiene?

A tankless unit passes water through a ceramic heater unit for supplying warm water immediately and endlessly.  A tank-type bidet uses a tank to fill water and warms up, thus there is a chance of bacteria or viruses are developed in the tank.

Why Living Star bidets are easy to clean?

One touch release button makes it easy to remove the whole unit from the toilet bowl. Since they are lightweight and slim easy to handle the unit to clean up.

Do I need a water filter?

Unless you have an inline water filtration system in your home, we recommend using a water filter for long use of the unit and it is helpful for your hygiene.

living star bidet water filter

Why is a 2 or 3 holes stainless nozzle helps my hygiene?

Each hole is dedicated to spray for posterior, bidet, or turbo-wash use; Not sharing a hole offers better hygiene.

   2 holes stainless nozzle  3 holes stainless nozzle
bidet - 2 holes stainless nozzle bidet - 3 holes stainless nozzle


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