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A bidet seat is an eco-friendly product that saves trees. The electronic bidet toilet seat by LivingStar is convenient, highly functional for both beginners and experienced users.  It is a green product that helps to reduce unnecessary waste of paper, saves energy, promotes human health, furthermore, it filters out water for good quality before water is fed to the unit.

LivingStar is an eco-friendly bidet seat

Ecofriendly electronic bidet toilet seat

Toilet paper towels consume lots of trees 

According to research, the average person in the US consumes about 100 rolls of toilet paper per annum, which is approximately 83M rolls of paper for the entire population of the US consumed per year. This translates to 27,000 trees consumed per day.  We can mitigate this waste of paper consumed by the people in the US. The trees are valuable since 75% of wildlife lives in the forest, and they clean the water that we drink.   To protect the ecosystem in the US, we have an alternative way to save the trees by spending less than $0.5 per day.

The economy of a bidet seat

A bidet toilet seat usually costs you $200 to $500 depending on the built-in functions of the bidet toilet seat.   For example, if you bought a bidet toilet seat for $400, and it runs for 3 years (we are estimating a conservative number here).  That means you pay less than $0.50 per day using the bidet toilet seat, and that cost may include the electricity consumption by the bidet seat.

Ecofriendly Bidet Seat by LivingStar helps human health

The modern ecofriendly bidet seat

The modern ecofriendly bidet toilet seat was invented and has been used in Japan and they are gradually expanded to other parts of the world, including in the US. Once people are used to it, most people like the feature of the bidet seat, which cleans up completely and it makes people feel comfortable and fresh.  Furthermore, it stimulates muscles to do their job for the delivery.

Bidet Seat does good for human

The features of bidet seats are helpful especially for people having issues with hemorrhoids or constipation.  According to the research, “There are 15 million Americans, 5% of the general population having hemorrhoids, which becomes common among the people age over 50”.  For those people having hemorrhoids issues, complete cleansing and NOT wiping with paper is important, according to a gastroenterologist or proctologist. People suffering from constipation in the US are about 12.8% of the population according to NIH. Many people found that the bidet seat helps for improving constipation.

Why LivingStar Bidet Seats?

Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar Premium


Tankless Bidet provides Instant Heating 

The electronic Bidet Toilet Seat by LivingStar, 5900, 7500, 7900 models provides many valuable features including green functions. Most of them provide the Instant Heating method without needing a tank for water heating through a small reservoir in the unit. The Instant Heating allows instantly warming the water as you need the warm water for washing. Therefore, it doesn’t use electrical energy to keep the warm water available in the tank. This is a big difference between the Tankless (also called Instant Heating) vs. the Tank type of bidet seats.

Energy Saving Mode 

The bidet seats provide to put all the functions to sleep mode, allowing to use of minimum electricity. This further saves energy.  According to a study, an Instant Heating without tank vs. tank type, the Instant Heating(tankless) method consumes 50% less electrical energy as compared to the tank type.

Water Filter Use

It could be advantageous to use the water filter, especially if you are living in a region where the water contains a heavy volume of lime.  The Water filter purifies incoming water before going through the bidet seat.  A typical use of a water filter is about 6 months, although, it depends on the frequency of the use.

Replaceable Nozzle Cap

You can clean the nozzle with a wet fabric to remove any impurities that remained in the nozzle cap.  However, if you use the bidet seat for a long time and you need to replace the nozzle cap, some of the LivingStar models have a feature to replace the nozzle cap, which provides an additional value-added feature for the users of the LivingStar bidet seats. It allows users to take the nozzle cap out of the nozzle and replace it with a new one. This is a good way to further personal hygiene.

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