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Fits nicely on your kitchen countertop – mom loves it

  • Odor-Free, No Rust, No Smell 
  • No Extra Ingredients Needed to filter water contained in the foods
  • Double Buckets: An inner bucket makes it easy to handle food waste; Easy to lift the inner bucket with a built-in handle
  • Compact size  : Volume: 2.6L (0.68 Gallons),  Dimension 8.03 (L) x 6.96 (W) x 7.40 (H), Weight 1.12 LBS
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Best Compact Compost Container Bin | Completely Washable, Built-in Filtration, Double Bucket, Extra Long Handle, No Rust, 0.68 Gallons

Best Compact Compost Container Bin



The Best Compact Compost Container Bin by Living Star has been designed as an efficient way to handle food waste on your kitchen countertop.  It is compact and small, fitting nicely in your busy kitchen space.

An eco-friendly compact compost bin 

It is one of the best countertop kitchen compost bins in the market, which is made of crack-resistant material for long use.


You can conveniently place the bin on your kitchen countertop for food composting, thanks to the compact size, yet it allows it to contain 1.2 L or 0.68 Gallons.

Use it on your kitchen countertop

Best Compact Compost Container Bin - Image of putting food waste bin in the bin



Kitchen Compost Bin is a Double Bucket System

A bin with an inner bucket for easy lifting and filtration 

The kitchen compost bin consists of a double bucket that has an inner bucket to filter any water that remains in the foods.

No Ingredient is needed, natural composting.

You do not need to use any ingredients to compost the food waste. It filters the water and compost foods quickly. The unique structure helps not only filter the water but also offers a natural way to compost the food waste naturally.


Best Compact Compost Container Bin - Image of lifting the inner bucket


The food trash can has a complete seal with the top lid – No smell, No bugs

The top lid seals completely blocking the contents of the compost container and ensuring no smell out of the compost bin. No bugs can come into the bin.

The compost container bin is completely washable, order-free, rust-free 

The Compost Container Bin by Living Star is fully washable, which means no rust in any part of the unit. This is a great advantage over stainless or other materials since it is completely washable and rust-free.

Two bucket system with a long handle 

The compost container bin provides two handles: the outer handle and the inner handle for your convenience. The double handles make it easy to carry around, store, and clean waste.

Dimension & Weight: 8.03 (L) x 6.96 (W) x 7.40 (H),  1.12LBS.  Volume: 0.68 Gallon.

Made of Polypropylene (PP) material, a crack-resistive material.


Best Compact Compost Container Bin  - lid and inner bucket

People Also Asked

How big is the composting bin?

best compost bin - dimension

The composting bin volume is 2.6L (0.68 Gallons) and the weight is 1.12 LBS. Ideal size for your kitchen countertop use.

Can I put the unit in the dishwasher to clean it?

No, we recommend cleaning it manually. Dish Washer may cause deformation or discoloring of the unit.

Can bugs come into the unit?

No, the top lid completely seals the unit.

Do I need to add any ingredients to compost?

No, you do not add any ingredients; you can naturally compost the food waste.

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