Thanks Baby Breastmilk Storage Bag is made of high-quality material that is FDA compliant. Furthermore, it has many beneficial features: double zipper, pre-formatted area to cut, volume indicator, temperature indicator, and a dedicated area to mark date & time tracking at the bag.

Sale! 360 Degree Turntable Silicon Brush ThanksBaby
360 Degree Turntable Silicon Brush ThanksBaby
A highly durable and sturdy silicone brush that is the 360-degree turntable for cleansing baby bottles, long nose cups, and other hard-to-reach areas.  Three-stage wools make a perfect cleaning effect. Dimension & Weight: Large brush: 12 (L) x 2.36(H) inches, 0.154 LBS; Small brush: 7.48(L) x 1.77(H) inches, 0.066 LBS. The package contains 2 sets of small and long brushes.
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Breastmilk Bags ThanksBaby
Breastmilk Bags ThanksBaby | 8.45OZ
Mom loves it for easy, simple, and safe use
  • BPA-free (No lead and Bisphenoland), FDA-compliant material being used, Completion of the Children Product Complaint test
  • 100% leak-free
  • Secure double zipper sealing, volume indicator, thermal indicator, date tracking, two-way outlets, and self-standing.
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