Fast and Perfect UV Sterilizer for your home and office

Fast and Perfect UV Sterilizer becomes one of the necessary items for your home and office since the pandemic.  LivingStar provides a highly reliable and automated UV sterilizer for you.  AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer was designed for a newborn baby and mom, who needs a safe, fast, and reliable machine to sterilize the baby bottle.  It offers a one-touch operation to sterilize and dry operation all at once.  It takes only 20 minutes to complete a cycle so that a busy mom can do another work while the machine is running. The UV Sterilizer offers audio messaging for beginning and ending.  It uses UVC 253.7 nano-meter, which works the best against bacteria and viruses.  Study shows that the wavelength effectively breaks off the DNA of micro-organism living on the surface of goods.  Since the UV sterilizer cabinet is a portable type, you can also use it in your office.  It offers l060 cubic inches that have plenty of room to accommodate multiple items such as N-95 masks, keys, and other high-touch items.

Fast and Perfect UV Sterilizer


UV and Plasma Sterilizer for low-temperature operation

AIAN Multipurpose sterilizer is another type of fast and perfect UV Sterilizer for your home and office.  It uses both UVC and Plasma Ionizer for sterilizing daily goods effectively.  Sometimes you need to sterilize temperature-sensitive items such as a cell phone, thin bottles, or medical equipment.  The combination of UVC and Plasma Ionizer works well against bacteria and viruses under the low temperature.  The one-touch operation also makes it easy to use the unit. Plasma Ionizer generates negative ions that are also highly effective against micro-organism, disabling replication, breaking off the cell.  Doctors’ offices use this device for sterilizing N95 masks and other consumable medical products.

Fast and Perfect UV Sterilizer


Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser – automatic, wall-mounted, 1.2L

LivingStar also offers an effective, reliable, automatic sanitizer dispenser for your home or office.  It uses precise sensors and a timer to accurately spray the right amount of rubbing alcohol for you to sanitize the surface of your hands. You can conveniently hang it against the wall using 2 screws that come with the package.  The built-in LED indicator will alert you when the alcohol tank is near to empty.  One of the advantages of using this machine is that you can choose any 3rd party made alcohol, as long as the alcohol contains 60% in the liquid.

Fast and Perfect Touchless Dispenser

What is the main use of UV Sterilizers?

The shapes and functions of UV Sterilizers are all different to meet certain applications. Below are some helpful links to find more details.  :