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Breastmilk Bags ThanksBaby | 8.45OZ


ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag 8.45oz

The best breastmilk Bags ThanksBaby brings you multiple values: secure double zipper sealing, volume indicator, thermal indicator, date tracking, two-way outlets, and self-standing.   BPA-free and FDA-compliant material being used.  Mothers of the baby love the ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag.

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Benefits of breastmilk bags ThanksBaby 8.45oz (summary)

The followings are benefits specific to the breastmilk bags ThanksBaby 8.45Oz.

  • 100% leak-free with securely sealed double zipper bag: a Double zipper bag allows securely seal off the contents of the bag ensuring without a leak for your valuable feed for your baby
  • Designed with durable and high-quality material: We provide the highest quality of the product that guarantees a mother’s satisfaction
  • A separate outlet located at the top provides convenience and further hygiene (easy rip-off and pouring). It allows pouring the milk easily and securely through a separate outlet that makes not only convenient but gives further hygienic function
  • BPA free: No lead and Bisphenol
  • Self-standing for easy storage: You can store the bags in the freezer or fridge vertical or horizontal without a spill. Other valuable features: Thermal Indicator provides a quick reference of the temperature of the milk (quick reference ONLY; one still needs to measure the temperature) Volume Indicator can give you more than 98% of the accuracy of the volume. The date & Time marker makes it easy to track the history of the bags
  • Made in S. Korea

Benefits of breastmilk bags (details)

The benefits of using breastmilk bags are numerous. Statistics show that a breastfed baby visits fewer hospital visits  With breastmilk, the baby has fewer ear, respiratory, and urinary tract infections than non breastfed children. Furthermore, breastmilk provides antibodies and necessary nutrients such as protein, sugar, and other nutrition. Also, it helps to develop the immune system resulting in a reduction of bacteria and viruses. Breastfeeding reduces the chance of getting breast cancer.

The said benefits motivated for development of Breastmilk Bags ThanksBaby by the manufacturer, who researched intensively need of mothers of the baby on issues to feed breastmilk. The breastmilk bag was optimized in size, material, and functions to meet the needs of mothers of the baby.

Many mothers are working today and it becomes an issue while the mother is away from the baby. Also, you may be traveling, and not convenient to feed the baby.  The breastmilk bag is an ideal solution to feed the baby while you are away from home or from the baby.

Breastmilk Bag ThanksBaby

Free shipment

BPA Free, No lead, and Bisphenol

One of the most important matters is the safety of the product for the mother and baby. The material of Breastmilk Basg ThanksBaby 8.45oz is BPA-free without any lead and Bisphenol and FDA compliant, proven through a 3rd party lab test.

Leak-free breastmilk bags ThanksBaby

Your breastmilk is so precious for you and your baby; therefore, it must NOT be leaked. ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag is 100% leak-free using a double zipper bag allowing a secure seal of the milk without leaking.

Breastmilk bags ThanksBaby with Self Standing

The bag can be stored in a freezer or fridge. Since it is a self-standing bag, this feature makes it easy to store. You can store the bag vertically or horizontally. This feature allows you to manage your valuable fridge space.

Thermal Indicator and Volume Indicator with the breastmilk bag

You can quickly check the temperature of the breastmilk in the bag with a thermal indicator that gives a quick reference to the temperature, whether the temperature is too hot or too cold. Note that this function is only a reference. You should still use a thermometer for the accurate temperature of the bag.  The volume indicator offers you convenience. You can find the exact amount of breastmilk for your baby.

Breastmilk bags with date tracking

You can write the start date of the storage so that the milk bag can be tracked date it was made.  This function is useful if you put multiple bags in the fridge and find the old and most recent milk bag.

Breastmilk bag for storing other baby foods

Sometimes you will need to feed the baby with other foods the baby needs. You can store the foods using this compact and leak-free bag while you are traveling or away from the baby, not to miss feeding the baby.

The two-way outlet provides convenience and hygiene

A separate outlet at the top provides convenience and further hygiene. You can easily rip off and pouring the milk easily and securely through the separate outlet.

 Breastmilk Bag ThanksBaby

Highly reliable manufacturer

The manufacturer of the ThanksBaby breastmilk bag has produced billions of units of the bag for other regions of the globe. The consumers and distributors are all satisfied with the quality of the bag.  They have been selling the product with other branded products in Asia and Europe with high volume.  Thanksbaby breastmilk bag was launched in 2018 in the US and we found high satisfaction among the mothers of the baby.  We are committed to listening to consumers for any enhancement to make or any suggestions.


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