Porta Compact Storage Organizer


  • Compact and portable storage unit for organizing small objects in kitchen and office (a winner of winter 2018 red dot design).
  • Stackable with built-in receptacle slot
  • Easy to carry around with the wood made handle
  • 2 small slots and 1 larger slot (the smaller ones can be combined or separated with a divider plastic)
  • High quality and sturdy design for long use. Please check the product dimension before placing an order; it is measured by 11Wx6.7Dx7.2H inches, 1.09 LBS.
  • Made in S. Korea

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Porta Compact Storage Organizer – Stackable Storage Organizer for Small Objects in Kitchen, Office, Kids Room 


Porta Compact Storage Organizer lifestyle setting in kitchen

LivingStar Porta Compact Storage Organizer is a winner of the winter 2018 red dot design. A modular and portable design makes it unique and valuable for your living area.  Furthermore, the storage unit fits conveniently in your kitchen, office, or other home environments for organizing small items.


The Organizer with handle 

The unit has 2 slots and a large slot to put different sizes of items.  Besides that, the built-in handle, made of wood, makes you easy to carry around with items contained in the unit.


Porta Compact Storage Organizer with handle


Stackable to other units

The unit has a receptacle slot to put other Litem Porta Deluxe stacking them together. That is a unique feature of the  Organizer.  Moreover, it offers to save your valuable spaces in the kitchen, room, or home office. There are 3 color variations: Ivory, Pink, and Grey. Dimension and weight: 11Wx6.7Dx7.2H inches, 1.09 LBS.

Porta Compact Storage Organizer pink


What can you use Porta Compact Storage Organizer for?

Putting tools is a good example of use.  Tools are hard to track since you use them and sometimes forgot to bring them back to the original location. Moreover, you lose them after or during the use of them.   You can also use it for putting kitchen items, office items, or kids items into the unit and carrying them around.

Porta Compact Storage Organizer

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Grey, Pink, Ivory



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