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Remote Bidet | LivingStar 7900 Dual Bidet Control

A remote bidet helps you to use a bidet seat conveniently with a wireless electronic device communicating with the bidet main unit. Typically, an Infra-Red (IR) is used, the same communicating method for controlling your TV remotely.  OR, a Radio Frequency (RF) is employed as an alternate communication method.   These two types are the main methods adopted for remote bidet today.

Infra-Red (IR) Remote Control

An infra-Red (IR) remote is an inexpensive technology available in the market today.  It works well in a short distance with the main bidet unit. It uses a 780 nm to 1 mm wavelength.

  • If you are using an IR LED light in your bathroom, there might be a chance of signal interference from the IR LED light on the ceiling since they might be using the same frequency.  In this case, please move your remote control closer and point it to the main bidet unit, where the IR receiver is located. (typically, it is located near your side panel keyboard of the bidet unit).
  • The IR technology works well over short distances.  Install your IR remote control as close as possible to the main bidet unit, especially, if you are operating the remote without removing it from the remote holder on the wall.
  • Ensure to use a waterproof remote bidet since moistures can be developed in the restroom, which may make the remote control unfunctional.
  • You can change the batteries in the remote once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of use. (You can see red light comes on as you press a button on the remote; however, the light gets dimmer or no light comes out when the batteries are low).

LivingStar 7900 Dual Bidet Control

remote bidet livingstar 7900 remote

LivingStar 7900 elongated seat offers a dual control bidet via the remote and side panel keyboard.   The remote control bidet uses the IR method using 38Khz frequency. It is lightweight, slime, and durable with 100% waterproof. Also, some basic keys are attached to the side panel of the bidet unit, maximizing your convenience.  This dual control gives you not only convenience but also flexibility and an alternative way to control your bidet for seamless use.

remote bidet livingstar 7900 dual control

Dimension of 7900 Remote Bidet

Installing the remote control bidet 7900 is a simple task.  You will need to use a double-sided tape with the remote holder and attach it to a wall.  Check the dimension of the remote and its holder as below:

remote bidet livingstar 7900

Shop the dual control 7900 bidet toilet seat with remote

Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control

A typical Radio Frequency (RF) remote bidet uses a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency.  It offers covering a longer distance than the InfraRed (IR) method.  The advantage of having the RF remote bidet is that you don’t have to point it to the main bidet unit and it provides more reliable data communication with the main bidet unit as compared to the IR remote control.  The RF remote bidet is required to be certified by FCC for RF safety.

  • The RF will NOT conflict with your IR LED light on your ceiling; therefore, you don’t have to turn off your IR light when you are operating your bidet seat with the remote.
  • You don’t need to point the remote control to the RF receiver at the main bidet unit.
  • You can operate the remote at any angle.

IR Remote Bidet 7100 LivingStar

remote bidet livingstar 7100 RF remote

LivingStar 7100 Remote Bidet uses a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, which offers reliable data communication with the main unit.  The remote provides a seamless bidet operation and you can easily set up your preference of water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature via the remote.  The remote is waterproofed and normally you may change the remote battery once or twice a year depending on the volume of bidet use.

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