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Remote Bidet | Living Star 7900 Dual Bidet Control

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A remote bidet helps you to use a bidet seat conveniently with a wireless remote device communicating with the primary unit.

Typically, the remote control of a bidet uses infrared (IR), the same communication method used for controlling your TV remote. An alternate IR communication for bidet remote control is Radio Frequency (RF). These two types are the primary methods adopted for remote bidets today.

remote bidet livingstar 7900 dual control


What is the Infra-Red (IR) Remote Control?

7900 remote via IR communication

An infrared (IR) remote is most commonly used wireless technology for bidet seats, which covers a short distance communicating with the bidet seat, using a 780 nm to 1 mm wavelength. The Living Star 7900 remote incorporates IR technology, elevating the convenience of the users, who can also operate the bidet seat using the side panel keyboard for basic features: posterior wash, bidet wash, and power button to turn the bidet off or on.

  • If you use IR LED lights in your bathroom, there could be signal interference from the IR LED lights since they might use the same frequency as the bidet remote. If you have difficulties using the remote, please move and point the remote to the bidet seat, where the IR receiver is (the receiver is near your side panel keyboard of the bidet unit).
  • The IR technology works well over short distances. Install your IR remote control as close as possible to the bidet seat. 
  • Living Star embraces a waterproof remote bidet since moisture can be developed in the restroom, which may make the remote control unfunctional.
remote bidet - waterproof
  • You can change the batteries in the remote once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of remote usage. The red light comes on as you press a button on the remote; however, the light gets dimmer, or no light comes out when the batteries are low).

Living Star 7900 Dual Bidet Control


remote bidet - living star 7900  Living Star 7900 elongated seat offers a dual control bidet via the remote and side panel keyboard. The remote control bidet uses the IR method using 38Khz frequency. It is lightweight, slime, and durable with 100% waterproof. Also, the essential functional keys are on the side panel of the bidet unit, maximizing your convenience.
How does a dual control via the remote and side panel keyboard help you?

The dual control offers convenience and an alternative way to control your bidet for seamless use. If there is an issue with the remote, you can use the bidet using the side panel keyboard.

Remote Bidet - Controllable Objects Living Star Bidet

Dimension of 7900 Remote Bidet

Installing the remote control bidet 7900 is simple and easy. Use double-sided tape in the package for attaching the remote holder to the wall. Check the dimensions of the remote and its holder to the right. remote bidet livingstar 7900

How do I replace the batteries on the Living Star 7900 remote bidet?

The remote for the Living Star 7900 complies with IPX6, which can resist high-pressure and heavy sprays of water; therefore, it seals any open spaces, which helps for longevity. The downside is that it requires pre-caution and details, opening the battery cover and replacing batteries. Follow the below steps:

Steps Image
1. Use a flat screwdriver gently to turn the remote battery cover counterclockwise 360 degrees. remote bidet - living star 7900 how to change the batteries
2. Use the flat screwdriver gently to lift the battery cover. 7900 remote bidet - step 1 for changing batteries
3. Insert AAA 1.5V batteries,  (-) sign facing the remote. 7900 remote bidet - step 3 for changing batteries
4. After inserting two(2) batteries, use the flat screwdriver gently and turn the batter knob clockwise; it may not be necessary to turn the knob more than 360 degrees. 7900 remote bidet - step 4 for changing batteries

Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Control

A typical Radio Frequency (RF) remote bidet uses a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency. It covers a longer distance than the InfraRed (IR) method. The advantage of having the RF remote bidet is that you can seamlessly communicate the remote and bidet seat without difficulties and frequency interference from the IR lights. The RF remote bidet is required to be certified by the FCC for RF safety.

  • The RF will not conflict with your IR LED light on your ceiling; therefore, you can operate your bidet seat with the remote without interference.
  • You do not need to point the remote control to the RF receiver at the bidet seat.
  • You can operate the remote at any angle.

IR Remote Bidet 7100 LivingStar

remote bidet livingstar 7100 RF remote

LivingStar 7100 Remote Bidet uses a 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, which offers reliable data communication with the primary unit. The remote provides a seamless operation to assist you. You can easily set up your preference for water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature via the remote. The remote is 100% waterproof, and you may replace the remote battery once or twice a year, depending on the volume of bidet use.

Living Star Bidets with Remote

The remote controls the Living Star 7100 and 7900. Both models offer all necessary bidet features via the remote. The remote bidet seat provides unique washing features:

The Advanced Washing Bidet 7900

The Living Star 7900 is an advanced bidet bringing the best convenience washes. It provides Turbo Wash, Automatic Wash, and Oscillation mode supporting posterior or bidet washes via the remote.

It is a tankless bidet with a stainless nozzle with three(3) water openings for the exclusive use of washes. remote bidet - 7900 advanced washing bidet


The Smart Washing Bidet 7100

Living Star 7100 provides the Smart Bidet feature that intelligently uses the historical data over time, performing a feature called SmartCare via the RF remote.

remote bidet - smartcare washing bidet 7100


Living Star 7100

Living Star 7900

Smart Toilet LivingStar 7100 Best Toilet Seat Warmer Bidet
Multiple settings for water temperature (4), Heated seat (4), water pressure (5), seat temperature (5), warm air dryer (6), nozzle position (5) Multiple settings for water temperature(4), water pressure(5), air Dryer(5), seat temperature(4), nozzle Position(5)


$459.99   $359.99
Remote dimensions and weight:

9.45 (L) x 2.16 (W) x 0.86 (H), 0.49 LBS

Remote dimensions and weight:

7.04 (L) x 1.45 (W) x 0.78 (H), 2.54 Oz


Main features of the remote bidets



  Comprehensive Washing: Posterior, Bidet, SmartCar, Kid’s Wash; Hot and Cold Wash with nozzle oscillation Comprehensive Washing: Posterior, Bidet, Turbo, Kid’s Wash; Automatic Wash with nozzle oscillation, Turbo Wash
remote bidet - multiple settings Multiple settings for water temperature (4), Heated seat (4), water pressure (5), seat temperature (5), warm air dryer (6), nozzle position (5) Multiple settings for water temperature(4), water pressure(5), air Dryer(5), seat temperature(4), nozzle Position(5)
 remote bidet - nozzle holes 2 holes with stainless nozzle

Nozzle Cleaning: Auto or Manual

3 holes with stainless nozzle

Nozzle Cleaning: Auto or Manual

Water heating Instant water heating; tankless  Instant water heating; tankless
Bidet Water Filter Water Filter: Yes Water Filter: Yes
Slow Closing LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with remote Slow Closing Slow Closing 


People Also Asked

What happens if my remote is NOT working?

If you can control your bidet only through a remote not working, you will need to fix or replace the remote. This is why you need a dual control system, having a remote and a side panel keypad, allowing you to control by the remote and side panel keyboards.

Why my remote sometimes not working?

If your remote uses IR technology, which works as your TV remote, you need to point the remote toward where the receiver is at the bidet seat.

If my remote gets water, then what should I do?

Do not operate the remote. Take the battery out, then dry it out completely. After the remote dries out completely, then put the batteries back into the remote control.

How do I know if my remote works?

Usually, if the remote works, then you will see a red light flashing. If there is no red light, you probably need to replace the batteries or exchange the remote with a new one.

Can I operate the remote without sitting on the seat?

No. Most modern bidet seats have body sensors built-in to ensure you sit down to operate the bidet..


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