Low Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

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Multiple Benefits of AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer

  • Highly reliable, robust, and durable UVC and Plasma Ionizer specifically designed for items requiring sterilization under a low temperature.

  • This is a good product fit for sterilizing medical devices, N95 masks for reuse, and any electronics.

  • The Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer is a cabinet type ideal for your home or office use.  It uses a combination of UVC and Plasma Ionizer for the best result of sterilization.

  • Spacious Room:  12.59 (w) * 12.74 (h) * 12.58(d), 12.34 LBS Registration & Cerification: FCC, CE Certified, EPA, FDA registered, Made in S. Korea

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Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

Benefits of the low-temperature multiuse UV sterilizer

Low Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

Sterilizing Cell phones, medical devices, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer, also called AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer has many advantages for sterilizing items that are temperature sensitive.  Sometimes you may want to sterilize electronics such as your cell phone and you want to ensure the UV sterilizer works with the cell phone for sterilization in removing bacteria and viruses.   Cell phones could be a source of getting bacteria and viruses from the high volume of touch.

Sterilizing thin bottles 

Also, thin bottles and other electronics such as medical products need to be sterilized.  However, the UV sterilizer needs to effectively remove or inactivate bacteria and viruses possibly living on the surface of those objects.

Low Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

Sterilizing masks

From time to time facial marks become short of supply in the market, due to the high demand during the pandemic.  Dr.’s offices use N-95 masks in heavy volume and they need to re-use the masks.  AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer will be a perfect solution for those Dr.s’ offices.

Using a test Kit for checking UV dosage

The doctors verify the efficacy of the low-temperature multiuse UV sterilizer using a test kit, which indicates the dosage level of UV.   The AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer has shown and proven through these tests to offer enough dosage of UV and consistency of dosage for the Dr.’s needs.  Below is an image of a product example similar to the dosage test kit that Dr.’s offices are using for checking the dosage level every day.


Low Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

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What makes the Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer (AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer) efficient?

Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer is a Tripe Effect Technology

The Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer uses a combination of UVC, Plasma, and patented hexagonal mirroring structure for effective delivery of UVC rays and negative ions of the plasma in removing bacteria and viruses.

UVC 253.7 nm Wavelength

UVC 253.7 nano-meter is the most highly effective wavelength among other wavelengths in removing or inactivating bacteria and viruses.  It is also called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.  

Plasma negative ionizer

The unit has the ability to generate abundant negative ions, which also is highly effective in working against bacteria and viruses.  The plasma ionizer is being adopted in the Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilization for adding more disinfection agents working against bacteria and viruses.

Hexagonal mirroring structure

For effective delivery of UV rays and plasma negative ions, the unit is structured with hexagonal mirroring.  Hexagonal mirroring makes it possible to deliver the agents effectively and fast. Also, the dead-angle of an object can be minimized thanks to the hexagonal mirroring.

Benefits of the Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer

Pressing a button to start and finish

By pressing a button, the UV sterilizer cabinet starts sterilizing process.  Once the sterilizing is finished after 30 minutes from the start, you will hear a short audio alert.

Durable body with tempered glass

The robust Low-Temperature Multiuse UV sterilizer is made of high-quality material and tempered glass with the door is used.  The durable body and strong window ensure to keep the UV ray and negative ions inside the unit.

Spacious room

It has 1060 cubic inches available to accommodate small or large items to sanitize them. You may also use 2 removable trays to organize various items in the 1st or 2nd tier by using the trays.

Free Voltage

The Multiuse UV sterilizer uses a free voltage adaptor so that you can take it with you to another country, where the power cord receptacle or the plug may be different. You can simply replace the power cord with the country-specific power cord.

Reusable Air Filter

The unit makes the air circulation with fresh ones using a built-in airflow structure. You can take out the air filter located in the back of the unit, wash it and place it back into the unit.


Frequently asked questions

How often do you need to replace the UV lamp?

The UV lamp runs for 6,000 hours, which offers plenty of working hours.

How long is the sterilizing time?

It takes 30 minutes to complete an operation.

How big is the unit and what is the capacity?

The UV Sterilizer is measure by:  12.59 (w) * 12.74 (h) * 12.58(d)  and the weight is 12.34 LBS.  Internal available space is 1060 cubic inches.

Do the trays come with the package?

Yes, there are two trays coming with the package.

How do I know the efficacy of the product in removing bacteria and viruses?

The product has been tested by an independent 3rd party lab, proving 99.9% of the bacteria removal rate. You can also use a UV dosage test kit for your own validation.

Where do I buy the dosage test kit?

You can search online by typing “UV Dosage Test Kit”.

How soon can you ship the unit?

We ship your order the same day we receive your order.

Additional information

Weight 15.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 16 in

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  1. Sandy Auyoung (verified owner)

    We have chosen Aian as the brand of choice based on its expertise in endoscopy sterilization (I need assurance that the device does what manufacturer says it does) and the size of the device. We have two Aian stetilizers at home, the baby sterilizer with heat and the electronic sterilizer without heat. This review is for the non heated sterilizer. We have at our entry way, where we keep masks, hand sanitizers, wipes. It’s used this to sterilize masks, keys, iPads, and phones upon their entry into their house. I have used the Aian sterilizer for makeup brushes for myself and a shaving brush for my husband. Mildew had collected on my husband’s in our damp bathroom and sure the sterilizer was able to get rid of what was on there! I have a feeling this will be more used once the younger enters preschool and the older elementary.

    • Livingstar Plus

      Dear Sandy, Thanks so much for your detailed comment. Your comment shall help other customers. Thank you again!

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