Best food waste composting bin

What is the best food waste composting bin or machine?

The best food waste composting bin or machine depends on your need.   If you want to try a simple way, you may not need a machine, which typically cost you more than $200.   As a beginner for food waste composting, it would be a good idea to try a simple plastic version.

Why do you need Food Waste Composting?

According to NCSL (National Conference of Legislature), about 40% of foods produced in the US are wasted which translates into $162 Billion, and that is equal to 58 billion meals. The waste of foods is not only wasting our valuable food resources but also damaging the human environment; furthermore, exacerbating or endangering the quality of the human living environment. Since 2019, all of the 50 states following their own liability law in an effort to reduce food waste.

Types of Food Waste Composting Bins and Machines

There are many types of food waste bins and machines available marketplace:  stainless steel, plastic, or machine for food composting, outdoor, indoor types.   Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Food Waste Bin made of stainless steel

The Food Waste Bin made of stainless steel is a good solution since it doesn’t get broken by drops or accidental forces applied to the product.  Furthermore, it is stainless so that it won’t get rust.   However, most of the food waste bin made of stainless steel requires to use of a composting bag.  Using a bag is an additional cost for food composting.   Also, stainless steel may develop rust since the food contains a salty liquid that potentially makes the steel become rusty.  In order to use a food waste bin made of stainless steel requires composting bag and careful handling of the bag in order to prevent leaks.

Food Waste Composting Machine

Generally, a food waste composting machine requires electricity, air, water, and organic matter to composting foods, and it requires you to watch during the process.  However, they are fast, efficient, and produce an earthy odor.  It may be suitable to put it outside instead of inside of the home since it may generate heat and a bad smell.  The cost of the machine may be an issue, it runs around $200 to $300 in the market.  On top of that cost, you may need to use electricity and organic matter for fast and efficient composting.

The Best Food Waste Composting Bin | 2.6 Liter (0.68 Gallon)

A Winner of iF Design Award 2020

The Best Food Waste Composting Bin is the winner of iF Design Award 2020 is capable of handling 2.6 Liter or 0.68 gallons of food waste. It is made of plastic and matte painting.

Best Food Waste Composting Bin

Double Bucket System

The Food Waste Bin Bucket is a dual bucket system allowing the internal bucket to filter any remained water or liquid without needing a plastic bag for composting.

Best Food Waste Composting Bin

It fits nicely on your kitchen countertop

The Food Waste Composting Bin is a compact that shall fit nicely to your kitchen countertop. The dimension of the product is measured by 6.1(W)x7.1(D)x7(H), 1.12LBS.   It won’t take up your valuable space on your kitchen countertop while it does its job right for you!   The Food Waste Bin is completely washable, therefore, it is odor-free. 

Best Food Waste Composting Bin 

The inner bucket with a built-in handle makes it easy to carry around

The Food Waste Composting Bin has a built-in handle in the inner bucket and another handle in the outer bucket.  This feature makes it easy to handle to lift the inner bucket and, or entire unit to carry around.

Best food waste composting bin

Consumers love the Food Waste Composting Bin since it is compact, easy to store the food for composting, and especially, the double bucket system makes it a natural way to filter any liquid contained in the foods.  Furthermore, it is a small footprint fitting nicely to your countertop of the kitchen.

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