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LivingStar the best storage and organizer for home provides a high value to you, and at the same time, it brings you conveniences.  The bases of the design are simplistic and highly functional.  Therefore, the guideline of this concept made it possible to offer you modern design and conveniences for storing and organizing products.  Our Living Star Home Improvement products are all necessary items for the home and office.  Furthermore, space becomes more and more expensive in our daily life and we well-understand the trend requiring multipurpose, modern design; moreover, convenience is the most important matter for you.  We shall bring the best design with high-quality products that are beneficial to you.

Kitchen organizer and storage

Food Waste Composting Bin

The Food Waste Composting Bin is one of the LivingStar the best storage and organizer for home, which helps to bring food waste to nature.  Each year, 40 million tons of food waste are trashed, and that is NOT healthy for our environment.  Moreover, that amount of trash translates into 161 Billion dollars per annum!  The size should fit nicely on your kitchen countertop. Also, it is completely washable.

Best storage and organizer for home

LivingStar Kitchen Sink Organizer is a multifunctional kitchen sink caddy.  It efficiently and conveniently organizes and holds various kitchen sink items such as cleansing brush, sponge, detergent.


Kitchen Sink Organizer & Caddy with Pump Grey - LivingStar

Food storage containers for fridge

Food storage containers for fridge Set for a family consists of 3 sizes of container sets: 10.14 Oz (4 units), 25 Oz (4 units), 54 Oz (2 units). It employs patent-pending technology that helps secure the sealing of the container with a strong lid.

LivingStar food storage containers for fridge

Storage and desktop organizers

LivingStar Porta Compact Storage Organizer is a winner of the winter 2018 red dot design. A modular and portable design makes it unique and valuable for your living area.  Furthermore, the storage unit fits conveniently in your kitchen, office, or other home environments for organizing small items.

Best storage and organizer for home

Small storage organizer

LivingStar Small Storage Unit (Porta Mini) is a modular and portable that is conveniently used in the kitchen or home office for organizing small items. The Porta Mini has a receptacle slot to put other small storage units stacking them together.

Desk organizing Pencil Holders

LivingStar Desk Organizing Pencil Holder has been designed with a plastic PS material that is strong and meant for long use. It looks like a coffee cup that makes a modern and simple look for your office environment. It comes with two color variations: a brown body with white on the top and a white body with black on the top.

LivingStar Desk Organizer Pencil Holder

Foldable Bookstand 13 Adjustable Angles

Foldable Bookstand 13Adjustable Angles from LivingStar provides for your convenience with a patented strong structure.  Moreover, It can hold a thick book, cookbook, tablet, or even a notebook. It has 13 adjustable angels, fully foldable, easy, and simple to use.  It allows an excellent ergonomic working environment. Also, thanks to the strong non-slippery structure, you can use it to hold think books, and even a notebook onto the unit.

LivingStar Foldable book stand13.23x9.13

Deluxe Desktop File Cabinet – 4 Tiers with Internal Sliding Drawers, Stackable, Modern, and Simple Design 

Deluxe Desktop File Cabinet by LivingStarr is an ideal desktop solution for organizing various documents with its 4 tiers of built-in drawers that can be smoothly slid in & out.

Small storage and desktop organizer for home desktop file organizer grey open drawer

LivingStar multipurpose portable cabinet 4drawer system allows you to store and organize your valuable documents or goods.


Livingstar Multipurpose Portable Cabinet

Desktop 2Tiers File Organizer: easy and convenient to organize your desk items in a single place.

LivingStar Desktop 2tiers File Organizer is an ideal desktop solution for organizing various documents with its 2 Tiers with a modern and simple design. Dimension and weight: 10.8WX13.38DX6.5H inches, 1.9 LBS.

LivingStar provides the best storage and organizer for your home and your office with high-quality and conveniences.