Hygienic Bidet Nozzle

What is the bidet nozzle and why so important?

The bidet nozzle sprays the water for any wash function.  Without it, there is no bidet seat.  The water comes into a bidet seat, then warmed up for spraying with given water pressure. Also, it is easy to get rusted by water and air since it always carries water and is exposed to the air.  Therefore, a bidet nozzle must be constructed using stainless steel.


LivingStar 7700 Bidet Seat - Sparyer

The critical role of bidet nozzle

A bidet nozzle plays a critical role in the entire bidet seat system since the posterior or bidet wash solely depends on the nozzle, where it sprays water.  Once it is blocked by an object, then you won’t get water through the sprayer bidet seat.   Also, it has to work for a long time ensuring to delivery of accurate water amount, temperature, and pressure for different types of washes.

Types of bidet nozzles

There are different types of bidet nozzles adopted for the bidet seats in the market today: dual nozzle, one nozzle made of stainless steel, or plastic.   Today, the bidet seat industry is moving toward adopting the stainless steel nozzle since it provides better durability, accuracy, and an easy way for cleaning the nozzle.

Dual nozzle

Dual nozzle usually has two separate nozzles for an exclusive posterior or feminine wash, ensuring to use of a separate body nozzle. Usually, females prefer this type of nozzle system for using a separate nozzle for feminine wash.   However, the two-nozzle system could be more expensive than the one-nozzle system.  It may not be necessary to have two nozzles if one nozzle system has multiple holes that work for exclusive washing jobs.

A stainless nozzle bidet

It is important to ensure to spray with the right amount of water, water pressure, and preset water temperature for a wash function of a bidet toilet seat system.  Also, the bidet nozzle has to be durable ensuring it works for a long time.   A bidet stainless steel nozzle resolves issues with plastic nozzles for the provision of better durability and an easy way to clean up the nozzle.

One-hole stainless nozzle bidet system

Bidet LS-5300 water spray

One-hole stainless nozzle bidet system is the most popular solution today. It provides all the wash functions with the water temperature and pressure in the reliable matter.   Furthermore, it is easy to clean up and less prone to malfunctions.

Two holes stainless nozzle bidet system

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

A two holes stainless nozzle bidet system provides an exclusive wash for posterior or feminine wash.  This is the same effect as having a dual nozzles bidet seat.  The posterior wash nozzle hole usually is located near the home, where the nozzle stays in the ideal model.  The other hole, the feminine wash nozzle hole is far left from the bidet nozzle home.   Since the system uses an exclusive hole for the posterior and the other one for the feminine wash, there is very little chance of water being traveled between the holes.

Three holes stainless nozzle bidet system

LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated

A three holes stainless nozzle bidet system offers a better user experience by having one more hole than that of two holes bidet nozzle system.  Typically, the 3rd hole sprays water for either Turbo Wash or Kid’s Wash. A Turbo Wash is used with higher water pressure for a wash.  While the Kid’s Wash works with wash for a child with a pre-programmed automatic wash and dry function. The other two nozzles work the same as the two holes stainless nozzle bidet system.   This three holes bidet nozzle configuration works best for an entire family by providing water spray through an exclusive hole for posterior, feminine, or kid’s wash.

How to clean up the nozzle?

The bidet nozzle needs to be cleaned up from time to time. The modern bidet seat has the option to clean it up automatically or manually.

LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat

After the use of a wash, the bidet nozzle automatically gets washed by itself.

However, sometimes you want to clean it up thoroughly so that you can remove any objects or bacteria developed in the nozzle.  The way you want to manually clean it up is to hold the nozzle clean button for 3 seconds, then the nozzle will come out from the base.  Once it is out of the base, then you can clean it up with a piece of soft fabric and apply some alcohol or cleaning chemicals.  You can also clean it up with a soft brush.   The nozzle will stay outside for 2 minutes, then it automatically retracts back to the home.

Photos of auto nozzle cleaning and manual nozzle cleaning

Auto Nozzle Cleaning Manual Nozzle Cleaning with a brush


toilet bidet auto nozzle cleansing

Toilet Bidet manual nozzle cleansing

Replaceable nozzle cap

LivingStar bidet seat nozzle cap is replaceable. The cap can be used for a long time; however, it may become necessary to replace it with a new one for better personal hygiene or once the bidet was used by visitors.

Livingstar 5900, 7100, 7500, 7900 Bidet Nozzle Comparison

Today, LivingStar offers 4 bidet seat models: 5900, 7500, 7100, and 7900.

LivingStar 5900 7100 Bidet – Two Holes Nozzle System

LivingStar 5900 is a basic model that is affordable and it may work best for the beginner of bidet use.  It offers two holes bidet nozzle: one for posterior wash and the other one for bidet wash. Also, Livingstar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat is also a dual-hole bidet nozzle system.

LivingStar 5900

LivingStar 7100

Product Photo LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat Front Side View LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with remote
Bidet Nozzle moving and water spraying image with two holes LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat


LivingStar 7500 and 7900 – Three Holes Nozzle System

The LivingStar 7500 and 7900 provide three holes bidet nozzle system.  Each hole has its own dedicated job for a wash: posterior, feminine, or kid’s (turbo) wash. The first 2 hole is for posterior or feminine wash.  The 3rd one works for either Kid’s wash or Turbo wash.   This composition of the bidet nozzle works best for an entire family.


LivingStar 7500

LivingStar 7900

Product Photo LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat with Remote
Bidet Nozzle moving and water spraying image with three holes https://livingstarplus.com/product/livingstar-7900-elongated-bidet-seat-with-remote/


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you need to clean up the bidet nozzle?

It depends on the frequency of bidet use; however, we recommend cleaning the bidet nozzle a couple of times a month ensuring to remove any foreign objects or possible bacteria development at the nozzle. Most of the objects will be removed by auto bidet nozzle wash; however, it is sometimes necessary to clean it up manually.

How do I clean up the bidet nozzle?

Please use a soft piece of fabric with alcohol or cleaning chemical to clean up the bidet nozzle. Be careful not to spread the chemical or alcohol when you clean it up.

What should I do if the bidet nozzle retracts when I clean up the bidet nozzle?

Typically, when you press the Nozzle Clean button on the keyword, the nozzle will come out from home, then you would have 2 minutes. If the time expires, but you need more time, then let the nozzle retracts back to home. After that, press the key one more time. Repeat the sequence if you need more time. Be careful, not to pull or push the nozzle.

What are the advantages of having multiple holes in the bidet nozzle?

1 hole system is limited for an exclusive wash; however, works well for beginners of bidet use. (LivingStar 6100, coming soon shortly, is 1 hole stainless nozzle system). A 2 holes nozzle bidet seat works better for a family with husband and wife use (LivingStar 5900). A 3 holes bidet nozzle works best for an entire family since it provides exclusive use of each hole for different types of wash (Posterior, Feminine, and Kid's wash). LivingStar 7500 and 7900 are 3 holes in the nozzle bidet system, ideal for entire family use.

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