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Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated | LivingStar 5900

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Automatic Washing Bidet – Maximizing your convenience 

  • Super convenient Automatic Wash
  • Enhanced hygiene with tankless, 2 holes stainless nozzle.
  • Save your bill: Tanksless saves 47%.
  • Easy settings: water pressure (3 Levels), water temperature (3 Levels), seat temperature (3 Levels), air dryer temperature (3 Levels).
  • 1-year warranty (also extended warranty available)
  • Free shipping within 24 hours, Money back guaranteed,  Responsive Services within 24 hours
  • Apply a $20 worth of Coupon Code when you check out: BVY8PAWF

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Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated  – Super Easy Automatic Wash Bidet, Slim, Lightweight 

The Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated is an affordable and high-quality family bidet seat solution. slim bidet - living star 5900 and living star 7500

It offers optimized features to satisfy you and your family; it is an automatic wash bidet solution ready for you.

Detailed Technical summary:

The TANKLESS, Instant Heating bidet offers on-demand warm water. Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - LivingStar 5900

It provides warm water endlessly via a premium heater instantly heating up the water.

  • The TANKLESS BIDET SEAT offers Energy Savings (47% savings as compared to Tank-type seats), without needing a water tank. No tank means No molds or bacteria likely developed in the tank.
  • Stainless Steel Bidet Nozzle with One pocket with 2 holes for the exclusive use of Posterior Wash or  Feminine Wash, helping personal hygiene. Replaceable nozzle cap.
  • Energy Saving Mode:  Uses ONLY 1.4 Watts (Allowing additional Energy Savings)
  • Automatic Bidet Nozzle Cleaning: Self-nozzle cleaning or manual cleaning
  • Bidet water filter: The system comes with a water filter helping further hygiene and protection of the unit

Maximize your Convenience via Automatic Wash Bidet

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - LivingStar 5900 The Automatic Washing bidet delivers posterior or bidet wash with an oscillating nozzle.

This feature is a system pre-programmed washing with automatic nozzle movement through a system default function for 1 minute and 30 seconds that can be applied to posterior or feminine wash.

  • Heated seat, Soft closing of the lid and seat, Seat Sensor (body sensor: disables all the functions until you are seated)
  • Multi-level Adjustments : 3 levels of water pressure, 3 levels of water temperature, 3 levels of seat temperature, and 3 levels of warm air control.
  • Washing Modes: Posterior, Feminine, and Auto Wash
  • High quality: using Crack-resistive material for the bidet seat.  Safety: a thermal cut-off function is used for your safety.
  • ETL Certified, Made in S. Korea
  • Power requirements: 120V/60Hz, 1260 Watts.   Power cord length: 59 inches
  • Product Dimension and weight:  20.27 (L) x 17.40 (W) x 6.29(H), 7.28 LBS;  Package Dimension and weight:  22 (L) x 19 (W) x 7.9 (H),  11.24 LBS

Save your $ with Living Star

The Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated is an Instant Heating System, a perfect tankless bidet that enhances your hygiene and saves energy costs since it doesn’t use a tank to keep warm water. You may also save more energy by turning on the Energy Save Mode via the keyboard.

Energy Savings with LivingStar Bidet Seats The system uses minimum electricity (using only 1.4 Watts).

Enhance Your Hygiene via No Tank

No tank means No chance of molds and bacteria being developed in the tank; therefore it is more hygienic than the tank type. You can use heated bidet water immediately, continuously, and endlessly without any deviation in water temperature.

More convenience through multi-level adjustments

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated Living Star 5900 provides Multi-level adjustments of water pressure(3 levels), water temperature(3 levels), air dryer(3 levels), and seat temperature(3 levels) for your bidet use with the stainless steel bidet nozzle that brings you warm water and makes you feel comfortable.

Easy settings

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - 5900 keyboard

Simple Settings:  One can easily set the water, seat, dryer temperature, and water pressure.

Stainless Steel Nozzle with 2 holes

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 5900 - 2 holes on bidet nozzle

The bidet nozzle has two holes for the exclusive use of a posterior wash or feminine wash.  This unique structure provides a better way for enhancing personal hygiene.

Convenient and Necessary Features:

Automatic Wash with nozzle oscillation 

A convenient system default feature.

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - Living Star 5900 spraying water

It offers for 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is a convenient and useful feature for people who may not be familiar with a bidet seat. The Automatic Wash bidet offers a comprehensive cleansing effect through the automatic back-and-forth nozzle movement(called oscillation). This function applies to the feminine or posterior wash.  The bidet nozzle move can be disabled by pressing  Bidet/Water Pressure key for 2 seconds and pressing the same key again for 2 seconds will set the default function back. Please make the change before you are seated.

Heated Bidet Seat

3 Levels of seat temperature

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated LivingStar 5900 heated seat

The heated seat provides 3 levels of seat temperature: Low, Medium, and High.  The color of the LED light shall indicate the level of the temperature.

Warm Water Sprayer Bidet 

3 levels of water temperature

Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated - LivingStar 5900 warm water sprayer

The warm water sprayer bidet enables you to set one of the 3 levels of water temperature: High (Red light), Medium (Green), or Low (Off)Thanks to the tankless, warm water sprays on-demand bases.

Warm Air Dryer

You can set one of the 3 levels of Warm Air Dry Temperature.

Living Star Bidet Seats - Air dryer

LED indicator with the setting:  High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green)

Washing and Drying Time

Washing: 90 seconds 

Drying: 3 minutes


oilet Bidet Seat Elongated - Living Star 5900: 90sec wash 3 min dry

The posterior wash or feminine wash lasts for 90 seconds.  Air dryer time will be 3 minutes.

Water Pressure

While you are using either the posterior wash or feminine wash, you can set your preferred water pressure to one of the 3 levels: High(Red), Medium(Yellow), and Low(Green).


LivingStar Bidet 5900 Elongated Seat Auto Nozzle Cleaning

Automated and manual nozzle cleaning

Automated or manual bidet nozzle cleaning is achieved by pressing the nozzle cleaning button.

Then the nozzle will be automatically cleaned (the nozzle will move back and forth automatically 10 times while it sprays water for self-cleansing). By pressing the nozzle cleaning button for 3 seconds, then you can clean up the bidet nozzle manually; the nozzle will be out for 2 minutes.

Perfect bidet seat 7500 Elongated Water Filter

Additional hygiene via

water filter and built-in mesh


The elongated seat comes with a bidet water filter that prevents dust or any harmful material from coming into the system. Having a water filter not only offers a long use of the unit but also provides an additional personal hygienic function for you. Although, you may bypass the water filter if you decide not to use it at any time (Note that the system has built-in water mesh in the unit also).  If you decide to use it, you may need to replace it every 6 months, although, it depends on the frequency of use.  Additionally, the unit has a mesh structure that blocks sand coming from the water.

elongated toilet seat - slow closing

Soft closing for the lid and seat

For a convenient and device protection

The seat and lid are designed for slow closing, preventing noise, and ensuring long use of the unit.

Safety Features

The elongated seat embraces safety features such as Anti-burn for the seat, Anti-overheating for the air dryer and the system, and it has a Body Sensor for preventing any accidental operation by hitting a key on the keyboard.

LivingStar 5900 Benefits:

Below is the summary of the functional benefits for you to quickly see.

   Key points


Best for your hygiene
  • Tankless – No tank means No bacteria or molds in the tank
  • Water filter option – Always good for filtering incoming water
  • Easy one-touch button to release the whole unit for a complete cleanup
  • Stainless Bidet Nozzle with 2 holes
  • Automatic or Manual Nozzle Cleaning
Saving your $
  • The tankless bidet consumes less energy
  • Furthermore, the energy-saving mode consumes only 0.11 KWh
  • The bidet material is crack-resistive; therefore, you can use it for a long time
  • You don’t need to buy any extra parts for installation; a complete installation kit is ready for you.
  • It costs you less than other Living Star bidet seats and other brands
Multiple Adjustment
  • Water pressure (3 Levels), Water temperature (3 Levels), Seat temperature (3 Levels), Air dryer temperature (3 Levels)
Maximizes your convenience
  • Simplified keyboard for your easy use 
  • Automatic Wash Bidet allows you one-touch button operation


Check further details of each Living Star Bidet model:  Comparision 

Click here for the installation video

Frequently asked questions

Is shipment free and how fast can you ship?

Yes, the shipment is free. We ship your order within 24 hours. When we receive your order before 3 PM PST, we ship your order on the date we receive your order

Do I need to supply warm water?

No, you just need to connect the bidet to the water source; the system will provide warm water instantly once you install and set the level of the warm water sprayer bidet via the keyboard

Is it difficult to install the bidet and do I need to buy any extra parts to install it?

The installation should be simple and easy. We provide all necessary accessories for installation so that you DO NOT need to buy any extra parts.

What is the difference between one nozzle vs. a dual nozzle system and what is the best?

Both of system has advantages over the other system. A dual nozzle system generally uses one nozzle for posterior washing and the other one for feminine washing. However, the Toilet Bidet Seat, one nozzle with two holes system utilizing each hole for a dedicated washing function: posterior or feminine washing. So that the result will be the same.

Can I endlessly use it with warm water?

Yes, you can use warm water without any limitation thanks to the instant heating tankless seat.

Do I have to use Water Filter?

No you can always bypass using the water filter.

How much do I save the energy with this model?

The Toilet Bidet Seat is an instant heating system that saves 47% of energy as compared to a tank-type seat since it DO NOT USE a tank to keep warm water. In standby mode, a tank-type seat uses about 0.9KWh, while Livingstar 5900 uses ONLY 0.42 KWh. You may save further by turning on the Energy-saving mode, then it consumes only 0.11 KWh. We also recommend closing the top lid and setting the seat temperature low when you are not using it. Also, it would help to save electricity to unplug the power cord when you are traveling.

How is the quality of this product?

This product uses crack-resistive material, that is Polypropylene (PP) for preventing possible cracks on the seat. We ship about a thousand units monthly in other markets without any quality issue.

What is the best way to clean up the seat?

We highly recommend using a soft piece of clothing material applying with a small amount of warm water for cleaning up the seat. Please do NOT use a strong chemical cleaning agent.

Note to the first bidet users

The unit has a body sensor built into the seat; therefore, it will NOT function unless you are seated at the unit. After the installation, many people are asking “Why my seat is not working?” The sensor disables all the functions of the seat, ensuring water will NOT be splashing out of the unit when pressing a button by a mistake.

Where do I find the product manual?

Please go to FAQ & Other Reference under the Services; you will be able to find the manual and other references.

Where do I find more details of different types of washes for this product?

Please click the text below Automatic Wash Bidet for finding further details.

  Automatic Wash Bidet

Additional information

Weight 11.7 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 7.9 in

3 reviews for Toilet Bidet Seat Elongated | LivingStar 5900

  1. Jim B.

    Lightweight, neat packaging easy installation. Great product

  2. Livingstar Plus

    Thanks for your comment, Jim. The product is well-optimized for both elongated and round shapes, also durable and crack-resistive.

  3. Brian Byon

    The price is so great! It has water, seat, and air temp. You may have to pay a lot more but this bidet price and quality are good. You should try it.

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