Elongated One Size Bidet Toilet Seat

Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat | LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, 7900

LivingStar 5900 and 7500 is an elongated bidet toilet, that is slim and covers some of the round bidet seats. Elongated One Size Bidet Toilet Seat shall satisfy to install with your existing toilets.  The LivingStar 5900 and LivingStar 7500 are elongated bidet toilet seats well-optimized for fitting your existing toilet at your home.   They are both elongated shapes, 20.27″ inches in length, lightweight, slim, and yet durable. Some of the round toilets are also applicable to use these bidet toilet seats.

The typical length of the Elongated bidet toilet seats

The length of existing elongated toilets varies. However, they run anywhere between 20 inches to 23 inches.  Before installing a bidet seat, you should measure the length of your toilet from the water tank of the toilet to the endpoint of the toilet as below photo. The length should be longer than 19.29 inches long for an elongated toilet. Please bear in mind that even if the length is longer than 19.29 inches and shorter than 22 inches, the LivingStar 5900 and 7900 bidet toilet seats should fit.

Elongated bidet toilet seats

The typical length of the Round bidet toilet seats

The length of a round shape bidet seat is typically 19.4″ inches.   If your toilet is a round shape and the length is less than 22 inches, LivingStar 7500 and 5900 shall fit your toilet.  However, the seat will be slightly longer, if the toilet length is less than 20.27 inches.

Why do we call Elongated OneSize Bidet Toilet Seat?

It might be a challenge to find the exact size of a bidet toilet seat to match your existing toilet.  The toilet might be longer or shorter than the bidet seat due to the toilet shape, manufacturer of the toilet, year of manufacturing, etc.   LivingStar 7500 and LivingStar 5900 toilet bidet seats are well-optimized to meet these variables. The existing elongated toilets shall be able to embrace the LivingStar 7500 or 5900, including some of the round shape toilets.   This is the reason why we call them Elongated One Size Bidet Toilet seats.


The elongated bidet toilet LivingStar 7900

LivingStar 7900 is an elongated bidet toilet seat and it requires an existing toilet bowl length of 21 inches or longer, in order to fit the elongated bidet toilet, which is measured by 21.02 inches long.

LivingStar 7900 Elongated Bidet Seat

The Elongated bidet toilet LivingStar 7100

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat dimensions are described in the following table.

Product Dimension & Weight
7100 Elongated


21.14 (L) x 15.82 (W) x 6.06(H)

7.49 LBS

Remote bidet
9.45 (L) x 2.16 (W) x 0.86 (H)

Benefits of LivingStar 5900, 7100,7500, 7900 Bidet Toilet Seats

The bidet seats are not only well-optimized in size but also they are both Instant Heating, Tankless bidet seats, which bring multiple advantages:

Click to find further details of the sizes of the bidet seats and installation.

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