Elongated vs Round toilet seat

Elongated vs Round toilet seat

The length of an elongated toilet seat is measured by 20 to 22 inches and a round shape runs between 19 to 20 inches.   There is an overlap of the size between the round and elongated toilet seats. The size deviation depends on the manufacturers, who usually optimize the length of the bidet seats against the toilet bowls available in the market.   However, the measurement may not fit your existing toilet bowls.

What to check when you find a bidet seat that you like?

The deviation of elongated vs round toilet seats sometimes makes it difficult to decide what to choose. It could be an issue if the length of the bidet seat is longer than the toilet bowl you have.  However, a shorter length of the bidet seat against the existing toilet bowl could be fine; therefore, you should find the bidet seat shorter than that of your toilet bowl should be fine. For finding the correct measurement, please check the bidet comparison under the measurement section.

Can you visually see the difference between elongated vs round toilet seats?

Usually, Yes.  The elongated version is usually longer and bigger than a round shape. The shape of your toilet bowl could be also a consideration when you choose a bidet seat. If your toilet bowl is close to a perfect round, then you may need to check the width of the bidet seat against your toilet bowl. Even if the manufacturer claims the bidet seat is for a round toilet bowl.

How LivingStar Bidet Seat is optimized for both Elongated and Round shapes?

LivingStar Bidet Seat 7500 and 5900 is measured by 20.27 inches so that it is definitely shorter than some of the elongated bidet seats available in the market. As we said in this article, the shorter toilet seat should be fine-fitting your existing toilet bowl.   The LivingStar Bidet Seats 5900 and 7500 are slightly longer than other round bidet seats, it could be 0.8 inches longer than the shortest round shape bidet seats, which are measured by 19.4 inches.

LivingStar 7500 and 5900 Bidet Seat optimized for both shapes

LivingStar 5900 and LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seat have been installed in many regions covering both elongated and round toilet bowls. It fits pretty well with most toilet bowls in the market proven through installations.

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