How to prevent bidet seat cracks

Here is how to prevent bidet seat cracks

Bidet seats are exposed to pressure and heat.  Furthermore, many people use strong chemicals to clean it up.  Here are the helpful notes about preventing the seat from the cracks.

The heated seat and pressure

The heated seat makes the bidet unit vulnerable to cracks.  Over time, the heat makes the internal structure of the seat become weak. Furthermore, high pressure makes even vulnerable to cracks.  However, there is not much we can help with these factors to prevent seat crack.

How to prevent bidet seat cracks

The Polypropylene (PP) Material

One of the possibilities to prevent crack is to use Polypropylene (PP) material for the seat. The Polypropylene (PP) material is strong and elastic, hard to break the product made of the material.  It is also resistive over chemicals.

Cleaning chemical agents are the main cause of the seat cracks

People use chemical agents to clean and sanitize the seat.  However, the cleaning chemical agents are the number one reason causing bidet seat cracks. Chemicals can be infiltrated and weaken the seat.  If the seat is made of Polypropylene (PP) material, it is far less vulnerable to cracks.  However, it is better not to use strong chemicals.  Most bidet seats today are made of ABS plastic, which is more vulnerable to cracks than Polypropylene (PP). One of the reasons the manufacturers are using ABS plastic material is that it is easier to produce the bidet seat than Polypropylene (PP).  LivingStar 5900, 7100, 7500, and 7900 models have adopted Polypropylene (PP) material for the seats; therefore, they are crack resistive.

How to prevent bidet seat cracks without possible crack development?

To prevent possible crack development in the seat, it is highly recommended to use a soft clothing material applied with warm water to clean up the seat.  If you ever need to sanitize the seat, try a mild chemical like Ajax.  Then completely remove any chemical agent left at the seat, maybe pouring warm water at the seat and cleaning it up with fabric may help.  This chemical removal process not only helps to prevent possible cracks in the seat but also is better for your health since any left chemicals at the seat may be harmful to your body also.

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