LivingStar Mission Statement

LivingStar Mission Statement

LivingStar brings high quality and affordable solution

LivingStar brings high-quality and affordable solutions for you and your family. We provide top-quality products for LivingStar Bidet, AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer, and ThanksBaby brands, since the company foundation in 2008.  We focus on the quality of products and we take the first priority on customer services.  LivingStar mission is to make products high-quality and affordable for the customers, which is the reason we exist.

We are fully committed to providing the best services in a timely manner resulting in full satisfaction for you. The home improvement category is our main focus with an emphasis on efficiency and cleanness, which ultimately enhances your hygiene and convenience for your daily living.

Quality really matters

Since we’ve launched several brands with associated products, we learned many important aspects of the product from our customers, who most often offer us ideas for product enhancement and areas in need of improvement. We have put our best efforts into quality assurance before shipping any products to you.  LivingStar has developed a product qualification program that shall bring full satisfaction to the customers.  This product qualification program is based on our experience from the current business activities and past ones, including Home Shopping Network, State and Federal Government market requirements.  This qualification effort has been shared and updated with most of our manufacturers, which also have implemented UL and ISO quality standards.

Affordable means the same language between our customers and us

LivingStar tries to structure its business practices to make its brand affordable. We well understand that the product must be affordable for you and this is one of the most important matters for us to exist.   We try our best to minimize any overhead to stay for the affordability of our brands for you.

Governmental Certification and Registration.

LivingStar brand and its associated brands are all certified or registered with any governmental requirements. This is one of the most important matters of the brand since qualifying for the certification or registration ensures products are safe to use.

For children products and bidet seats

For instance, our associated brand, ThanksBaby Breastmilk Bag was tested and qualified for FDA compliant material and Consumer Product Safety Commission.   Another LivingStar associated brand, the AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer has registered with FDA and EPA. The brand also has certified with FCC and CE and tested with a third-party lab for proving its efficacy of UV sterilization. UV lights may cause harmful effects on human skin, and therefore, we always develop products in chamber type so that the UV rays will not travel at your living place.  LivingStar 7500 Premium Bidet Seats are certified with UL and the future upcoming products will also be certified with UL or equivalent marks.

Customer benefits from the necessary registration and certification

These registration and certification programs are time-consuming and cost involved. However, they ultimately benefit you and your family.

LivingStar mission to communicate with its customers highly responsive manner

One of LivingStar missions is to communicate with its customers in a highly responsive and effective manner.   Normally we respond to customer’s emails or calls within 24 hours. Effective and responsive communication with our customers makes us stand out from others, furthermore, it makes the brand reputable in the market.

LivingStar brand roadmap

We are one of the SBA 8A Certified firms that enables us to educate ourselves in many aspects of our business operation, which includes future product roadmap, brand reputation,  and human resource management. We are fully committed to continuously develop products good for humans and benefit you and your family.  Our product plan embraces not only diversification of the current product line but also air purification and humidifiers in the near future.

Our brand concept: good for human, bring cleanliness and convenience

We exist only if we can bring good products to humans. This is our basis of brands and their associated concept.

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