Aian Multipurpose Sterilizer

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  • Low-Temperature Sterilization:  Provides the ability to sterilize thin bottles, cell phones, and others that are sensitive to heat.
  • Removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with multiple items
  • One-touch operation
  • Beginning and ending audio alert for an operation
  • 30 minutes for complete sterilization of the target object(s).
  • Made in S. Korea
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Aian  Multipurpose Sterilizer with the low-temperature operation

Aian  Sterilizer has been designed and developed for removing viruses and bacteria for sensitive daily use products under a low-temperature operation, which allows sterilizing for thin bottles, electronic products, and other heat-sensitive objects.

  • Plasma, UV, and Mirroring Structure for effective sterilization

UV light and plasma ionizer are the key technologies for Aian Multipurpose Sterilizer.   The plasma ionizer generates negative ions that have a unique function of sterilization without creating high heat; furthermore,  the patented hexagonal mirroring structure makes effective delivery of UV light and negative ions to objects for shortening operation time.

  • Proven through a third-party lab testing

Removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, proven through a 3rd party lab testing.

  • One-Touch Operation

Operating the unit is simple since pressing a one-touch button is all you need to sterilize items; in addition to that, a built-in audio alert for starting and ending operation makes it easy to use Aian.

  • Design of Aian – Spacious Room & Air purification

The unit is convenient to use since it has a spacious room inside of the unit by having 1060 cubic inches to accommodate items; furthermore, it contains an air-purifying function for ensuring to supply clean air into the unit.

  • Free Power Voltage

Aian Multipurpose Sterilizer uses an external power adapter that is a free voltage, which is convenient to carry it to another country when you are traveling.


Additional information

Weight 15.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 16 in


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