AIAN UV Sterilizers become one of the necessary items for your home and office, especially in the pandemic.  LivingStar provides fast, perfect, highly reliable, and automated UV sterilizers for you.

Sale! Plasma Sterilizer
Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer | AIAN Multipurpose

Multiple Benefits of the Plasma Sterilizer

  • Highly reliable, robust, and durable UVC and Plasma Ionizer specifically designed for items requiring sterilization under a low temperature.

  • This is a good product fit for sterilizing medical devices, N95 masks for reuse, and any electronics.

  • The Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is a cabinet type ideal for your home or office use.  It uses a combination of UVC and Plasma Ionizer for the best result of sterilization.

  • Spacious Room:  12.59 (w) * 12.74 (h) * 12.58(d), 12.34 LBS Registration & Certification: FCC, CE Certified, EPA, FDA registered, Made in S. Korea

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Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer
Savvy Moms have chosen the Best Baby Bottle  Sterilizer and Dryer for fast, easy, and spacious 1060 cubic inches room
  • Use the $40 worth of coupon code at check out: 26ZQKEHT
  • The Sterilizer and Dryer, in one solution, is one of the fastest Sterilizer and Dryer in the market, which takes only 20 minutes to complete an automated sterilizing and drying cycle
  • Highly effective to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, proven through 3rd party labs. Certified by FCC, CE, and FDA, EPA registered
  • Simple and Easy Use: Sterilizing and drying is done by pressing a button (guided audio messaging for starting and ending)
  • Triple Effect: UVC 253nm, Far Infra-RED, and patented hexagonal mirroring structure effectively delivers UV and IR rays to the objects for removing 99.9% bacteria and viruses on the surface of a target item or items
  • Air ventilation to refresh the air inside the unit; this feature starts automatically during the operation
  • Durable body with built-in Air Ventilation, safe glass window, optimized for sterilizing & drying baby bottles and other daily goods.
  • 6,000 lifetime UV lamp 
  • Spacious room with 1060 cubic inches available (comes with 2 removable trays, offering 2 tiers)
  • Free shipping within 24 hours, Money back guaranteed
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Sale! Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L
Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser | Premium 1.2L
  • Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L  is an alcohol sprayer, touchless, fully automated sprayer using precise nozzle technology with built-in sensors

  •  A full tank, 1.2L sprays 2500 to 2800 times

  • You can fill with any 3rd party made rubbing alcohol

  • A good fit for any office use

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Aian Endoscope Cabinet
Aian Endoscope Cabinet
  • A safety cabinet system for storing endoscopes preventing from 2nd or 3rd infection in hospital environment.
  • Air circulation fan is installed for easy drying of endoscopes after cleansing.
  • Designed to put endoscopes on and take them off easily.
  • Sterilizer with Plasma ionizer to prevent pathogenic bacteria (optional)
  • Effective in the prevention of hepatitis and other types of infection disease; it also removes bad smell by plasma ionizer (optional)
  • Tempered glass adapted
  • Manufactured using SUS304 to prevent rusting
  • External timer controlled
  • Dimension:  9.29(w) x 7.71(d) x 32.55(h) inches
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