Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser | Premium 1.2L


  • Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L  is an alcohol sprayer, touchless, fully automated sprayer using precise nozzle technology with built-in sensors

  •  A full tank, 1.2L sprays 2500 to 2800 times

  • You can fill with any 3rd party made rubbing alcohol

  • A good fit for any office use

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Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L | Wall Mounted

The automatic touchless sanitizer dispenser offers multiple benefits.  It uses rubbing alcohol recommended by CDC, ABHR (alcohol-based hand rub).

Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser

Touchless means less possibility of contracting viruses

The source of contracting viruses is various. Human hands are one of the sources of spreading out viruses, especially at workplaces.  There are many hand sanitizer dispensers in the market, however, many of them are prone to spreading viruses. If the dispenser is a push-type or contact type for dispensing alcohol or gel sanitizer, then potentially the dispenser itself needs to be managed and cleaned since the button is a high-touch area by people.

In order to have a correct dispenser, the unit has to be touchless and automatically sprayed.

Built-in sensors to spray the right amount

The manual type of alcohol or gel sanitizer dispensers are difficult to manage for dispensing the right amount for a person’s hands; therefore, there could be lots of waste of the liquid.  It could be more expensive carrying the manual type over time as compared to the automatic dispensers due to the waste of the liquid.  It may be cheaper in the beginning; however, if you use too much-rubbing alcohol dispensed to people’s hands, then it leads to more cost.   The Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser by AIAN has built-in sensors to measure the time for spraying the right amount of rubbing alcohol to dispense.   This automated function potentially saves the cost over time.

Fine particles spray for better use of alcohol and delivery to your hands

Further to the touchless and automated spray of the alcohol, the Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L  by AIAN uses a precise nozzle delivering fine particles of the rubbing alcohol to your hands.  This function not only saves the liquid but also offers the right amount delivered to your hands.

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Ergonomic Design for easy access getting alcohol sprayed

The Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L is ergonomically designed for people to put their hands in while getting the right amount of alcohol being sprayed onto the hands.

Wall-mounted for better space management

You can install the unit against a wall.  A wall mount type may be a better solution for an office since it takes up less space than a self-stand type.  Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about falling down the unit.

Easy installation

It typically takes less than 5 minutes to install the unit.  Two screws with a distance guide are included in the package.  Once installed, you can simply open up the top cover and unscrew the alcohol tank cap, then fill the tank with the alcohol.


The touch-free sanitizer dispenser is durable and has been proven to work for a long time in public locations in other parts of the world.

Empty indicator

You don’t manually check the alcohol tank if it becomes or is near to empty.  The sensor to detect near to empty will turn on the indicator light for notifying you alcohol needs to be refilled.


Frequently asked questions

With a full tank, how many sprays can you get, and per spray, what is the amount of the spray?

A full tank can spray between 2500 to 2800 times. per spray, about 0.5 ~ 1CC / second,  and an empty tank takes 1.2L

What is the dimension of the unit?

The Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Premium 1.2L is measured by 9.44(W)*6.49(D)*15.15(H) inches and 6.39 Pounds

Can you use any type of alcohol?

You can use a 60% to 95% alcohol contained recommended by CDC

What happens if some alcohol was spilled inside the unit?

First of all, when you refill the unit, please unplug the power, and if you spilled some alcohol inside, please do not use the unit until the alcohol dries out.

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