LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat


LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with RF remote

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SmartCare is a machine learned function maximizing your convenience, tankless instant heating allows seamless soft water spraying together with air bubble technology

  • Tankless, Instant Heating, Energy Savings
  • Multiple settings for water temperature (4), Heated seat (4), water pressure (5), seat temperature (5), warm air dryer (6), nozzle position (5)
  • SmartCare: an automated machine learned function for setting your preferred water, seat, air dryer temperatures
  • RF Remote Control
  • Cold & Warm water massaging wash
  • Stainless Nozzle 1 pocket 2 holes, Auto nozzle cleansing
  • Move Wash (an oscillation wash, the nozzle moves back and forth automatically for a thorough wash
  • Kid’s wash
  • Energy-saving mode

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LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with remote


LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat is a complete bidet toilet seat solution that maximizes your conveniences with SmartCare and an RF remote allowing you to control all the functions of the bidet toilet seat.  You have multiple setting options available for your preferences.  The SmartCare is a machine learned function that sets your preferred water, seat, and air dryer temperature automatically as you use the bidet seat.

Overview of the LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with remote

Instant heating

No tank means No molds or bacteria in the tank while saving energy and Enhancing Your Personal Hygiene through the Instant Heating with stainless nozzle, spraying warm water immediately, constantly, and endlessly, without any deviation of the water pressure and temperature.  You will be saving 47% of energy cost as compared to a tank-type bidet seat.

RF Remote

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat with remote

The LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat uses RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate between the main unit and remote control, which makes more reliable than other wireless communication methods.  It prevents any signal disruption or distortion by other light sources such as LED. You can control all built-in functions provided by the bidet seat via the remote.

Cold and Warm Water Wash

The cold and warm water wash gives an opportunity to further massage effects with cold and warm water repeatedly.

Air bubble technology

The bidet toilet seat generates aerated water bubbles when spraying water, which makes you feel comfortable and easy.

Move Wash

The Move Wash is an automatic function for a thorough wash by moving the nozzle position back and forth with different water pressure.  It is a true oscillation wash that offers you with one touch key operation.

Multi-level adjustments

Warm Water(4), Water Pressure(5), Heated Seat(4), Air Dryer(5), Nozzle Position(5). Posterior and Feminine Wash with soft air bubble, which makes easy and soft washing.

Additional Valuable Features

Kid’s Washing, Water Filter, Nightlight, Soft Closing Lid, and Seat, Auto Nozzle Cleansing, Energy Saving Mode (puts the system in standby mode using minimum energy), Body Sensor to avoid any accidental operation.  LivingStar SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat embraces safety features:   Anti-burn, Anti-Freeze, Body Sensor, and built-in self-diagnostics.

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat is Affordable, Convenient, Complete Solution

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat is an affordable, convenient, and complete bidet toilet seat solution. A SmartCare is a fully automated feature that allows an optimized level of water, air dryer, seat temperature by the system, which helps users unfamiliar with bidet toilet seat use.

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat is an Instant Heating, Tankless System, enhancing your hygiene and saving the cost of energy

The bidet seat is an Instant Heating, a tankless system that enhances your personal hygiene and saves energy costs.  No tank means No chance of molds and bacteria being developed in the tank; therefore it is more hygienic than the tank type.  Another benefit of having an Instant Heating bidet seat is that it saves the cost of energy since it doesn’t need to warm up the tank.  You can use a heated water bidet seat immediately, continuously, and endlessly without any deviation of water temperature.

A complete solution allows multi-level adjustments

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat provides Multi-level adjustments of water pressure(5 levels), water temperature(5 levels), air dryer(6 levels), seat temperature(5 levels), and nozzle position(5 positions) for your bidet use with micro aerated water bubble technology with the stainless that brings you soft water and makes you feel comfortable.

A family bidet seat

LivingStar 7100 an automatic and Smart Care Bidet Toilet Seat is a true family bidet seat since it offers complete and smart functions for the people who may be unfamiliar with a bidet seat and also it provides the Kid’s wash mode.

Convenient plus living – LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat

All of the convenient features of a bidet seat are with the LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat.  It provides Nightlight for helping you navigate to the seat at the night.  The soft closing feature of the lid and seat helps not only to cut the noise but also protects the units from pressure.  A body sensor helps to prevent any accidental key operation; the bidet seat will not work unless you are seated.

Additional personal hygiene and benefits

Additional personal hygienic can be achieved by the water filter that goes between the water supply and the bidet seat. Having a water filter helps to use the unit for longer use and also enhances your personal hygiene.  The nozzle is one of the core parts of a bidet seat and it has to be durable and precise to deliver seamless water. LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat uses a stainless nozzle that delivers soft aerated water with variable positions (5 positions) and the nozzle can be cleaned automatically.

Energy Savings with LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Seat

You are already saving the cost of energy by using LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat, which employs Instant Heating. In addition to that, it offers a dedicated feature for Energy Saving Mode, which puts the system in standby mode, using minimum energy.

Safe to Use of the LivingStar SmartCare Bidet Seat

LivingStar 7100 SmartCare Bidet Toilet Seat embraces safety features such as Anti-burn, Anti-Freeze, Body Sensor, and Built-in self-diagnostics.

Power cable: 47.24 inches

Dimension and Weight (Inches, LBS)

Product Dimension & Weight Package Dimension & Weight
7100 Elongated


21.14 (L) x 15.82 (W) x 6.06(H)

7.49 LBS

22.63 (L) x 20.86 (W) x 7.87(H)

11.24 LBS

Remote bidet
9.45 (L) x 2.16 (W) x 0.86 (H)
With batteries

0.49 LBS


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