LivingStar Bidet Seat Installation Kit


LivingStar Bidet Seat Installation Kit

Please note that this particular Installation Kit only works for LivingStar branded bidet seats for 5300, 5700, and 7700 models.   It doesn’t contain a water filter, aroma insert, or Fixing Plate.  The kit contains the below parts. 

Nipple 1 Cap, Nipple 2 Cap
3/8” T-Valve with packing
1/2” Conversion nut
Tubing Hose
Flexible Hose with packing
Fixing Rubber (2)
Washers with fixing bolts(2 sets)

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This bidet seat installation kit applies to LivingStar 5300, 5700, and 7700 only.   This kit contains all the necessary parts for the installation. If you need any other parts, please contact us.

LivingStar Bidet Seat Install Kit


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