Mom Loves Fast, Easy, Simple Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer

Savvy Mom Loves The Power of UV Sterilizer, Fast, Easy, Simple Baby Bottle Sterilization

Using a baby bottle sterilizer has to be safe, easy, and simple for a newborn mother busy with company work and a newborn baby. She may not have time to sterilize baby bottles using steamed water.

Even if she is busy, she still needs to sanitize bottles after feeding, making her a big job. She will need a simple and fast baby bottle UV sterilizer with high quality and reliability.

Types of Baby Bottle Sterilizers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Varying baby bottle sterilizers are available today, using Steam, Chemical, UV only, and UV & IR. with advantages and disadvantages. However, the question of the best baby bottle sterilizer depends on your situation and preference.

Using boiling water to sanitize the bottles

She may like the old way of using water to boil the bottles to sterilize, which may be the most effective and economical way to sanitize the bottles; however, the only trouble will be she needs to watch the whole process not to overburn the bottles and overflowing water. Furthermore, she will have to turn the bottles around from time to time in order to sanitize the bottles in all areas of the bottles.

Using Chemicals to sanitize the bottles

Using chemicals to sanitize daily items is effective in killing bacteria and viruses. However, using the add-on chemicals may not be suitable for sterilizing baby bottles, which must be safe without having any chemical ingredients left in the bottle. Another disadvantage of using chemicals is that you need to keep buying the chemicals.

Using a steam baby bottle sterilizer

An alternate way to sterilize baby bottles is to use steam by boiling water. Recent steam bottle sterilizers can automatically turn the bottles controlled by a timer, which provides an effective way to remove viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, it is the fastest among other types to complete sterilizing baby bottles with some drawbacks: cleaning the steam sterilizer after each use, monitoring water overflowing, and sanitizing the process. She also needs to consider using high-quality water.

UV Sterilizer

UVC 253.7 nanometer

A UV sterilizer is an electro-mechanical sterilizer using UVC 253.7 nanometer wavelength, which is proven effective in removing bacteria and viruses among the other spectrums. The UVC 253.7 nanometer comes naturally from sunlight. The modern UV Sterilizer machines use mostly UVC lamps that radiate 253.7 nanometers, which remove bacteria and viruses.

The convenience of using a UV ONLY Sterilizer

This type of sterilizer is very convenient for busy moms due to simple use as she places the baby bottles inside the unit after washing the bottles. However, she needs to dry the bottles before placing bottles into the unit, since there is no drying function built into the unit.

Disadvantages of UV ONLY Sterilizer

Drying off baby bottles is one of the disadvantages. Also, the UV Sterilizer radiates from the top of the unit, she has to ensure to place the bottles upward to expose UV rays inside the bottles. Furthermore, she needs to dry off any water remaining in the unit. This particular sterilizer requires about 30 minutes of operation.

UV and IR Sterilizer

UV and Far InfraRed sterilizers use both UVC and IR rays for baby bottle sterilizing and drying operations. The IR rays also have the property to remove bacteria and viruses, radiating heat to dry baby bottles, which might be the most convenient way to sterilize and dry baby bottles without needing to dry the bottles before placing them in the unit. However, the only drawback would be putting the bottles upward and ensuring the proper distance between the bottles

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer

What is the best baby bottle UV sterilizer

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is a triple effect technology that uses UVC, Far InfraRed, and hexagonal mirroring structure for fast and effective delivery of UVC and IR rays to baby bottles.  It also has the ability to reach dead angles thanks to the hexagonal mirroring structure.

The fastest UV and IR Baby Bottles Sterilizer with a spacious room

 $199.99 Aian Sterilizer & Dryer - Mom Loves it for fast, simple, easy use

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer takes only 20 minutes to complete the sterilizing and drying operation with 1060 cubic inches available to accommodate multiple baby bottles and accessories. It comes with two(2) removable trays, offering efficient use of the space by separating two tiers using removable trays.

One-touch operation

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer has the ability to start and end its operation with a single touch. Pressing the start button, you will hear a brief audio message for the start, and there will be another audio message once the operation completes within 20 minutes, which is particularly useful for busy moms.

Mom Loves AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer for Fast, Simple, and Easy Operation

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer was introduced in 2017 in Asia, where thousands of moms are using it in Asia. They love the AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer since it is fast, simple, and easy to operate.

People Also Asked

Do I have to place the bottles upward?

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer has the ability to deliver rays to almost any angle, thanks to the mirroring structure. However, for the best sterilizing results, we recommend placing bottles upward.

Do I need to clean up the UV Sterilize for baby bottlesr?

It is better to clean up the unit for removing any watermarks and residues in the UV Sterilizer for baby bottles.

When do I use the removable trays?

If you want to sterilize baby bottles, bottle caps, and accessories, you can install removable trays for placing them separately.

What is the operating temperature of the UV bottle sterilizer

The maximum operating temperature of the unit is 113 Farenheits

Can I put some baby accessories?

Yes. You can put baby accessories such as bottle caps, breastmilk pump accessories, and toys.

Can I put thin water bottles?

No. Please do NOT put thin water bottles.

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