Bidet Water Filter LivingStar


  • A bidet water filter cartridge for Living Star 5900, 7500, and 7900 bidet seats
  • Reduction of sand and dirt coming into the bidet unit
  • Helps personal hygiene with filtered water
  • The package contains 2 or 4 cartridges of the bidet water filter
  • We recommend replacing the water filter every 4 to 6 months

If you bought LivingStar 5900, 7500, or 7900 that comes with a water filter, and try to replace it with a new one or you would like to start using the bidet water filter, then this is the right filter for you.

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Bidet Water Filter for Living Star 5900, 7500, 7900

Bidet Water Filter helps to filter impurities coming into the unit and it furthers personal hygiene. In some states in the US, water contains an excessive amount of calcareous (lime), which blocks water flow into the unit as well as hinders internal water flow.  We highly recommend using a bidet water filter if you are living in the region marked with red or white on the map below.  

Map of water hardness in the United States, 1975

Hard water harms electronic or electrical products

Often the hard water harms electronic or electrical products that use water. For instance, the ultrasonic module of the air purifier stops working if you put hard water into the product that requires water for humidification. An ultrasonic module is a fragile part that can be damaged by hard water.  This issue may apply to any electronic or electrical products using hard water.  The water filtration system is a necessity if you are living in a region where you have hard water coming in.

LivingStar 5900, 7500, 7900 with Bidet Water Filter

LivingStar Bidet Seats come with a water filter as a default in the package; however, you may bypass it during installation or uninstall the filter at any time.  If you decide to use it and have used it for more than 3 to 6 months, then you should consider replacing the bidet water filter.

bidet water filter how to replace

How to replace the water filter?

  • Close the water opening valve by turning it in the clockwise direction
  • Take out the bidet water hose that connects the existing water filter and the unit
  • Then, take out the old water filter
  • Find the right direction that connects to the T-Valve
  • Then, connect the water filter by screwing it into the T-Valve
  • Once the filter is completely connected, then connect the water hose back to the new water filter
  • Open the water opening valve
  • Check to see if any water is leaking (if any water is leaking, then remove the water filter and try it again)

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